Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

In the park, Paul’s surprised/suspicious to hear that Mike wants to close his private practice and make less money in the private sector by taking over as interim DA (if Chris wants to resign immediately) She’s excited about living her life the way she wants to – but Paul doesn’t seem to share that excitement.

Nick drops by Vikki’s office. First, to get an update on Christian (and Adam pushing for visitation) He also appreciates (and is stunned) that she and Phyllis worked together to get his Dark Horse properties back. Miracles happen when you share a common cause, Vikki smiles.

Phyllis is unpleasantly surprised to find Adam looking comfy behind her desk. What’s he doing here? I own the company, he reminds – anything you want to tell me? Phyllis won’t bore him with the day to day. Adam insists – give me the latest. OK, now that it’s done, Phyllis will say it to his face – I sold most of Dark Horse. You own a real estate company with no real estate. Adam knows – he’s no idiot. The transactions were too big to hide. You have no idea what I’m up to or how much I love sticking it to you, Phyllis leans in to hiss.

Having received a text from Theo, Kyle marches into Society to blast him for being there after causing problems for him and Lola (who’s not there yet) What part of ‘you’re dead to me’ don’t you understand? Theo’s not ready to throw away their friendship just yet. Issuing a veiled threat, Theo thinks if Kyle were smart, he’d reconsider and take a seat to chat.

Still in the park, Chris can see Paul contemplating what it’d be like to work with Mike instead of her. He can handle Mike and will support whatever Chris decides (AFTER she thinks this big decision over) He understands the temptation of free time – imagine if I followed suit. Chris imagines it would look something like this ~kiss~

Back at Jabot (Phyllis having left) Jack and Billy are ecstatic – we have full control of the Jabotique locations. Jack knows Billy’s not sold on merging with Abbott Exchange. Yeah, but he’ll give Jack this moment. Jack’s exuberant – forgiveness and reconciliation are always possible (he’s talking about Phyllis and Ashley) Not all the time – Billy will never get over his hatred for Adam. The pain of losing his daughter is as strong today as the day she died – maybe stronger.

Meanwhile, at NE, Vikki concludes that thanks to Phyllis, Nick will have most of his business back. He just needs to come up with a new name. Asked what his first move will be, Nick’s silent.

Adam hopes Phyllis enjoyed the exhilaration of thinking she got the best of him – because that’s all she’ll get. The profits of the sales all belong to Dark Horse; AKA – ME. Phyllis didn’t do this to fatten her bank account – she did it to right a wrong. She doesn’t leave empty-handed – The Grand Pheonix was acquired by Summer Time Inc. Uh no – check the fine print; Summer Time Inc doesn’t own a hotel on Lakeshore Drive in GC – it owns a hotel on Lakeshore Drive in Detroit – which is scheduled for demolition. Phyllis’ confidence evaporates.

You used to be my closest friend and ally, Theo reminds. Yeah, keywords ‘used to be’, Kyle adds. You can’t erase the past, Theo talks about Kyle cleaning up a mess after a certain incident that could have taken them down – we both know which one. I owe you for that. What happens in NY stays in NY. That better not change, Kyle warns.

Still at the office, the brothers get back to Billy’s dilemma – sleep-driving and waking up on the floor of the Chancellor Estate. Vikki and Sharon think I should see a specialist. Jack agrees – and get a full physical; you can’t go on like this. Billy doesn’t think that’s the answer. Adam’s alive – my daughter’s not. Yes, but Vikki, Katie and Johnny are here too – Jack knows Delia would want her Dad to be happy with his family. You need to talk to a professional – don’t make this about Adam; it’s about you.

Nick’s grateful but hopes Vikki’s not offended that he wants to keep just a few, select properties. He’s looking at things differently. Getting them in a shady manner, he’s OK with them being returned to where they belong. Restore NE’s real estate division to its former glory. Yes, Nick has a plan – he’s going back to the beginning of his quest to find himself. Vikki’s not sure what he means. You’ll see, Nick smiles as they clink glasses of OJ.

Detroit? Interesting, Phyllis is subdued. Adam crows – he knew she was planning something. As he’s not a bad sport, he’ll her keep the penthouse she designed. You won – but the game isn’t over. And Phyllis can’t wait to wipe the smirk off Adam’s face.