Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

Phyllis gets a frosty welcome at Nick’s – he doesn’t need her sympathy (re: Christian or Dark Horse) You might be interested in this – Dark Horse has divested itself of nearly all its projects except for the hotel. The buyer is a shell company owned by NE. Who authorized it? Nick asks. Phyllis did – Adam doesn’t know. The properties are waiting to be handed back to Nick. The shell company is called ‘Amends’. Phyllis doesn’t want anything in return – just a clean slate, she hands over her tablet.

Adams’s pleased to run into Vikki at the park. He knows what she’s up to – this trickery to undermine me has got to stop.

Now on the patio, Paul reminds that he gave Rey an opportunity to regain his trust (and job) – and blew it. Rey was in an impossible position; caught between Paul and Mia. He’s learned his lesson and wants another chance. Why now? Announcing his break up with Sharon, Rey gave up his job as Nick’s PI to get distance from the Newman drama. Adam? Paul guesses and is finally convinced. OK, Rosales – but no breaking the rules. No going rogue. I won’t disappoint you, an appreciative Rey promises as he shakes Paul’s hand.

Tablet in hand, Nick marvels at Phyllis working with Vikki to get his company back. You’re welcome – Phyllis loved bringing Adam down a notch and wanted to make amends to Nick. So, are we copasetic? Yes, Nick doesn’t want any animosity with Phyllis; Summer’s mother – we can start over. Neither are sure they can move past her breaking Nick’s trust. But, this is a win for both of us, she concludes.

With a busy schedule and wanting to supervise Adam’s visitation herself, Vikki’s not sure when he can see Christian. These visits are court-mandated – the Judge expects you to work with me, Adam wants Vikki to stop playing around and make it happen. She’ll go check her schedule (while Adam’s left to take a call from Mike – Chris is open to stepping down now; which means he’ll be interim DA) Adam doesn’t seem pleased by Mike’s confidence.

At Jabot, Kyle updates his Dad that Lola blames herself for driving her Mother away and it doesn’t sound like Celeste will change her mind and come to the wedding (since she’s not returning their texts or calls) Jack’s optimistic that she’ll realize she’s making a mistake. When Billy arrives asking for a word with Jack, Kyle exits. This isn’t business, it’s personal – Billy really needs to talk to his brother.

Billy and Jack are talking about his insomnia when Phyllis ‘just waltzes’ into the CEO’s office to crow ‘it’s your lucky day’. She has an offer they won’t be able to refuse. She’s selling Jabot the Jabotique properties so they can own them outright. Why didn’t Adam mention it? Jack wonders. You don’t want the answer – but Phyllis is making this offer in good faith. The prices are just a little higher than market value. Billy thinks it too good to pass up. There’s no surprises in the paperwork Jack’s flipping through, she assures. Do we have a deal? We do.

In the park, Paul’s surprised/suspicious to hear that Mike wants to close his private practice and make less money in the private sector by taking over as interim DA (if Chris wants to resign immediately) She’s excited about living her life the way she wants to – but Paul doesn’t seem to share that excitement.

Nick drops by Vikki’s office. First, to get an update on Christian (and Adam pushing for visitation) He also appreciates (and is stunned) that she and Phyllis worked together to get his Dark Horse properties back. Miracles happen when you share a common cause, Vikki smiles.