Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Phyllis is at Adams’ penthouse bright and early trying to buy The Grand Phoenix for 10 million (20% more than his highest buyer) in instalments when she’s up and running. 15 million – cash upfront, Adam believes he’s being extremely generous – considering. Have a good one, he says wearily as he goes upstairs. Slamming out, Phyllis is surprised when Mike walks off the elevator You know I can’t tell you what business I have with Adam, he smirks. Adam lets Mike in to thank him – petitioning the court worked; Vikki can no longer stand in the way of him seeing his son. His first visit is today.

At Nick’s, Chelsea gets an alert – 5 million has been transferred to her account. Yes, it’s a relief but she’s aware how this might look. Since when has that ever bothered you? Nick wonders what’s really bothering her. Chelsea feels guilty about her past as a grifter.

Adam knows Mike’s only working for him so Kevin can be with his family but is grateful he gets to see his son – thank you. You’re welcome, Mike snaps as he tosses paperwork down then leaves.

Arriving at Society, Theo makes a beeline for Kyle – he wants to get things back on track with his favourite wingman. No way – Kyle blames him for Celeste leaving. Theo told the truth – but not everything (a not so subtle threat that he might)

Kyle again blames Theo for ‘crushing’ the woman who’s about to become his wife (in a bid to have his party-sidekick back) You make me sound like a psycho ex, Theo scoffs at Kyle pretending to be this paragon of virtue. Just kidding – don’t get so worked up. He just wants to throw his pal a bachelor party. Phyllis comes along with snide words for Kyle (who updates that he and Summer are now friends and colleagues) Theo’s thoroughly delighted when Phyllis insults Kyle then orders him to follow her (which has him running to catch up)

Chelsea and Nick continue to discuss her newfound wealth and what she might do with it. She’s not interested in designing frocks or conning people.

Soccer ball in hand, Adam arrives at the park smiling – until Billy gets in his face to order him to stop whatever the hell he’s doing.

Mariah joins Kyle on the CL’s patio ‘to save the day’. What’s wrong? Up all night sewing bridesmaids dresses? No, Kyle reports Theo blabbing to Celeste (who’s now back in Miami and not attending the wedding) Then he got into Lola’s head and has the gall to want to throw me a bachelor party. He’s pissed that his party-buddy’s found a better life. Mariah encourages Kyle not to let this joker get to him. As for Phyllis/Summer – forget the witch/snowflake – be happy with the love of your life.

Phyllis again seems bored as Theo blathers on about the hotel launch party. We’ve got 27 A-listers and more clamouring to attend. Due to a well-timed social media campaign, The Grand Hotel will be a ‘monster’ as soon as the doors open. Phyllis is finally impressed but not won over by Theo’s flattery or his low opinion of Kyle. She’s happy as long as Theo does a good job. Her daughter, however, is a different story. Theo looks terrified.