Thursday, August 1st, 2019

When Summer arrives, Jack invites Victor to use his office to have this important talk. Now inside, Victor apologizes to Summer and tells her about his rare, aggressive blood disease. I love you, Summer gives him a hug. This disease kills red blood cells, Victor adds that he’s on a new treatment and will fight and win.

Billy doesn’t have the answers. The truth can fall in the middle of black and white, right and wrong, the therapist asks Billy how he feels about Adam, and himself. He’s not sure either of them deserves mercy – his daughter was pure and innocent. Letting go of the pain will dishonour her memory. No, this isn’t what Delia would want – but it doesn’t matter to Billy.

Christian gets whiney when Nick says it’s time to go. He wants to come home. Nick distracts with a surprise – a tablet so they can do video calls. Adam appears to hiss at Vikki – so much for Christian’s busy schedule.

In Jabot’s parking garage, Victor almost collapses as he’s about to get into his car but manages to leave Nate mumbled message. I’m having a problem. Victor’s next call us upstairs to Jack. Please come to the garage. I’m on my way, Jack leaps into action.

Stop it, Vikki complains as Adam discreetly takes photos of Nick getting preferential treatment. This ends right now. Nick stands to tell Adam to back off. Vikki picks Christian up – let’s go home, she hustles him out. Nick stops Adam from following – we’re not done yet.

Time’s up and the therapist is impressed with the way Billy dove in. You might come through this caring about yourself as much as your friends and family do. Billy suddenly gets sullen – he likes himself just fine. It’s Adam he hates.

Jack’s brought Victor back up to his office. Slumping into the couch, Victor apologizes. It’s side effects of this new medication. Happens to the best of us, Jack rhymes off a bunch of ailments that hit after 50. When Nate arrives, Jack leaves to give them privacy.

Pacing in the hallway, Jack accosts Summer – the janitor’s in his office now; he’ll bring her the phone she forgot later. In the office, Nate talks about blood pressure but gives Victor the all-clear – you’re lucky Jack was nearby. He wants Victor to change his lifestyle – hire a driver from now on.

Christian misses his home – he misses me, Nick’s trying to stay positive but Adam’s everywhere he goes – and in his head. Because it’s wrong to lie to Christian; cruel and selfish, Adam denies he’s a sociopath. He won’t stop fighting for his son. Then you leave me no choice – I’ll destroy you; anything that’s ever mattered to you. You’ll have nothing left. Adam grins – wow – didn’t think you had it in you. I do love the game; welcome to it brother. At least it’ll be a fair fight, he saunters off.

Now home, Billy’s alarmed to find Delia’s doll under pillows on his bed.