Friday, August 2nd, 2019

I know it was you, you bastard – did you break into our house yourself or hire some poor bastard to do it?! Billy growls. Denying any knowledge of a break-in, Adam’s worried about the lack of security where his son’s staying. Stay away from me! Leave me alone. You put Delia’s doll on my pillow! Adam swears he’d never disrespect Delia’s memory that way. He needs Bily to leave so he can have his first visit with his son. Treasure every moment you have together, Billy says with hatred and emotion (leaving Adam not so cocky for once)

Mariah continues her pep talk – Summer will forever be the heroine of her own melodrama – she’ll always play the victim. No one would be better off if Kyle stayed in a loveless marriage with that twit. She’s enjoyed watching him grow as a person since Lola came into Kyle’s life – if his friend can’t, he’s no friend. Whatever can Kyle do to thank Mariah? Let her throw him a bachelor party he might actually enjoy.

Doubting even Adam can ruin his mood today, Nick answers his phone and is quickly proven wrong. Adam crows about his visit with Christian today. I’ll be telling him that I’m his Father. No! Adam! ~click~ Nick leaves a message for Monique – call me before Christian sees Adam later. It’s important. Her attempts to go with Nick rejected, Chelsea’s left frustrated – you’re playing right into his hands!

Mariah campaigns hard to be the one to throw Kyle a bachelor party. Who better than a true friend (rather than an immature low life who wants to relive the past) She’ll also handle the bachelorette party. Wait – we’ll have one big co-ed party. In America, we can do what we want!

Back at Society, Phyllis grills Theo – who claims that neither he or Summer wants a relationship; it is what it is. Basically, Summer’s a chip off the old block. Even feisty and capable women can choose bad men. She literally gave up a piece of herself for Kyle, Phyllis and Theo find common ground – both think Kyle ‘low’ and that Lola’s Mother needed to know.

At Society’s bar, Billy invites Chelsea to take a seat. Sorry about her husband, he wastes little time brings up her staying with (and being consoled by) Nick. How much did you get from Calvin? No, Billy’s not imply anything. He’s just having a lousy day. He’s actually glad Chelsea’s with Nick (means Adam hasn’t lured her back in)

Nick confronts a tired-looking Mike at CL’s. My son’s life could be blowing up right now thanks to you! I hope it was worth it!