Monday, August 5th, 2019

Hey Buddy! Nick scoops Christian up – was Uncle Adam telling you some funny jokes? He said he’s my Dad, the kid doesn’t seem interested enough to be confused. I am your Dad, it’s no joke – and this is MY time with my son, Adam pouts. Time’s up! Nick’s glare eliminates any room for discussion.

Kyle’s home to kiss the Jabot lipstick off Lola’s face and tell her that Mariah’s throwing them a bachelor/bachelorette party. Lola’s determined to put her Mother out of her mind.

Nick decides it’s time for Monique to take Christian to the coffee house (as Adam types furiously on his phone)

At CL’s, Mariah shares her ideas for a new-Miami theme party for Kyle and Lola – the last fiesta. OK, Sharon will come – could be a good way to ease back into the social scene. She’s then alarmed to read a message from Adam (who needs her help at the park – please come)

By Daddy, Christian chirps. Goodbye son, Nick and Adam reply in stereo – then are left to glare at one another.

Mariah’s next stop is Devon’s penthouse – not with regards to Power Communications – she wants to rent the clubs’ rooftop deck for Kyle and Lola’s party; blow the roof off the place, literally. Devon liked Lola’s cooking video so much he wants another one. Sure, after the party/wedding. Nothing can go wrong.

At Society, Abby breaks Tessa’s writers block by saying ‘table 4 needs some guac’. Lola – guacamol-a! Told that Tessa’s penning a song for Lola and Kyle’s party, Abby wonders when Lola’s bachelorette became co-ed event? With songs? Since Mariah’s planning it, Tessa leaves her boss in shock.

On the CL’s patio, Kyle and Lola bump into Nate – and thank him. The love and support of family and friends helped; don’t ever take that for granted, Nate leaves Lola to give Kyle a sad hug.

Back at the park, it’s Dad vs Dad. Adam DID put his son first, by restraining himself (which Nick did not) I AM his father and I’ll tell Christian, that every chance I get, Adam vows.

Lola bumps into Summer at Jabot. Exactly who she came to see. No, she’s not there to tell Summer to stay way. She’s there to invite her to the party Mariah’s throwing for them.

Meanwhile, Theo accosts Kyle at CL’s. Phyllis is NOT a fan of yours. She’s PISSED off at you and holds a grudge. Kyle warns Theo not to put crazy ideas about him in Phyllis’ head. C’mon man – I’m just messin’ with ya, Theo smirks.

Chelsea’s on the phone with Connor – we’ll be together soon, she promises. I’ll call you tomorrow. Love you ~click~

All that matters to you is claiming Christian as your property – I was the one to take care of him when he was sick, Nick reminds. Adam thanks Uncle Nick and taunts him about losing Dark Horse. Phyllis gutted it – you’ve got a worthless company, Nick counters. I doubled my investment – Phyllis got a rundown hotel in Detroit, Adam continues to goad. Everyone’s lied to you; Sage Chelsea did – your kids, your exes – even your loyal sister – we all lied to you. And I’ll rip that kid away from you so fast ….. Sharon appears after Nick’s sent Adam to the ground with a few punches.