Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Kyle’s not used to having to work for anything, especially women, Theo carries on – looks like Lola’s buying the good guy act. He’s an Abbot, they have built-in privilege, Phyllis is disgusted by how Kyle played her daughter. He hasn’t changed. Some people tell a story so they don’t have to accept the truth of who they really are, Phyllis now has Theo’s full attention.

I know how this looks, Mike bleats. Taking a seat across from him, Nick now knows why he was dropped as a client the day of the custody hearing. Adam’s planning to tell Christian that he’s his Father today. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Nick knows that Mike’s only ‘conflict of interest’ is representing Adam. You think I wouldn’t find out? Seriously? I thought we were friends. Were you coerced? How did Adam get to you? He’s holding something serious over you. What Adam’s doing to my son is on YOU! Nick leaves Mike to look guilty.

Back at Society, Chelsea tells Billy that Adam offered to drop custody of Christian if she and Connor moved back in with him. No, she didn’t think about it. She and Connor have had three years to move on. Calvin was a wonderful Father figure. Billy understands – we both know how far Adam will go when there’s a child involved. He then confides his weird dreams and finding Delia’s doll in his bed. Would Adam do something like that? No, he was sick about Delia – for once he’s telling the truth, Chelsea doesn’t hesitate. He hasn’t changed, Billy warns before exiting.

At the park, Adam’s on bended knee to ‘hey buddy’ Christian. Let’s have fun. As Monique perches on a park bench, Adam kicks the ball around with Christian. He used to play with his Dad (before knowing he was his Dad) Goal! Nice job, he high fives the boy.

Kyle loves Mariah’s ideas (and is sure Lola will too) How can I help? Sit back and let me take care of everything – just show up with your bride and have a good time, Mariah’s happy to do it ~hug~

Theo thinks it a shame that Adam will be reaping the rewards of all Phyllis’ hard work. She agrees and correcting that is the net thing on her agenda.

Laying on his bed, Billy looks at Delia’s doll, then tosses it to the ground.

Adam and Christian continue to have a good time kicking a soccer ball back and forth. More goals, more high five, a soccer ‘trick’ and talk about Connor. You boys were so close, Adam says – you’re not just cousins, you’re brothers. I’m Connor’s Dad and I’m yours too. Nick watches in horror as Adam hugs Christian.

My Thoughts: Uh wait. One big co-ed party? Have you guys not heard of a stag n doe? It’s a party with the exact same people who’ll be at the wedding except they dress up less – and drink more (which is surprising considering most weddings have a free bar) The biggest difference in a ‘co-ed’ party is that there are no strippers (which is nice if you’re opposed to paid escorts grinding on your beloved days before he/she becomes your betrothed – with all your friends and family watching and cheering. Not hard to understand why that tradition is going out of style) …. What a great Aunt and Uncle Christian has in Vikki and Billy. She’s too busy to leave work to go along with the nanny? (who he kid’s probably more comfortable with, but still) and Billy managed to make it to the park – but only to confront Adam, not watch over Christian. Odd that Sharon didn’t emerge from the bushes … Uh – it’s a soccer ball. I’m sure Christian’s underwhelmed; not even a regulation soccer ball kids in house-league kick around. But I guess the tiny ball fits the tiny 10 foot set … I wasn’t thrilled with the way new Phyllis was booted to make way for old Phyllis. But damn, Michelle Stafford IS ‘Red’. Who else could pull off that dress – before breakfast! Or any time. Strings or not, Summer won’t be happy when her friend-with-benefits becomes her Mom’s boy toy. Surely, Phyllis wouldn’t share a man with her daughter. Oh wait, they already did that with Billy… Whew (phew?) now that I got all that off my chest, I have no time to scroll back up and check for typos. This is all Deb’s fault. Because she asked for it 😛