Monday, August 5th, 2019

As Sharon cleans up his face, Adam feigns innocence – ask Monique what happened if you don’t believe me. Sharon does though – Nick’s been blinded by rage since the custody battle began. Adam didn’t fight back because Nick would use it against him. Is that what you’ll do? Sharon asks. Ignoring the question, Adam’s happy with how the visit went. Remembering how he played soccer with Victor as a kid, not knowing he was his Father, Adam vows to break the cycle. Nick freaked out because he saw Christian having a good time with me. Sharon cautions Adam against trying to use Nick – it may end up hurting you (and Sharon doesn’t want to see Adam hurt)

Chelsea tells Nick that she spoke to Connor. He wants to be with me but she can’t risk him being near Adam. You, me, Connor and Christian are stronger together, Nick’s confident.

Kyle surprises Lola at work. He’s there to see how she’s doing. No, she didn’t talk to her Mom – but she went to see Summer to invite her to their party. Kyle likes her optimism ~hug~ Let’s promise we won’t let anything ruin what we have. Promise, Kyle repeats (but looks troubled)

At Jabot, Theo tells Summer that Kyle’s a hot mess. The new Kyle is paranoid – especially when it comes to his bride. He’s terrified she’ll find something out about him. She must be pretty judgmental. Actually, she’s not that bad – Lola invited me to their party, Summer reports. Of course, Theo will go with her – this party will be a perfect opportunity to clear the air.

Now patched up, Adam thanks Sharon (who now, literally has his blood on her hands) You rescued me – again. Sharon wouldn’t come if she didn’t want to. I think you should go, Adam doesn’t want to put her in the middle. You’re too important to me. I need you ~kiss~

I won’t let Adam hurt our boys – the four of us are a team, Nick stands firm. You’re right, Chelsea makes a call. Mom, it’s time – bring Connor home.

Adam and Sharon hit the bed hot ‘n heavy.

Next: Nikki plays hardball … Billy is haunted by his dreams.

My Thoughts: Oh look. Sharon’s wearing a wraparound dress. I knew from the opening scene that her frock would end up crumpled on Adam’s floor before the hour was over. Sharon probably buys enough wraparound dresses to support Lauren devoting an entire department to them at Fenmore’s. That said, she sure does look good in them. I’m not keen on the blonder shade but I am inspired to do some sit up and see if I have a bra and panty set that actually match. I’m lucky if I can find a pair of socks to match. But as the great comedian Steven Wright says ‘My socks do match. They’re the same thickness’ …. Poor Christian. One Dad’s evil, the other’s just an idiot. And didn’t Vikki say she’d be supervising Adam’s visits with Christian? Nice job. Perhaps she’s not clear on the definition of ‘supervision’ because without the ‘vision’ part she’s not ‘super’ at supervising … Here’s an idea Chelsea – take your son anywhere else in the world that Adam is not. There’s 49 other States and hundreds of countries you could get to with your 5 million. And please take Anita with you … Abby has every right to be annoyed – as maid of honour, she should be the one to throw Lola’s bachelorette. But didn’t she already host one a bridal shower? Yes, yes she did – and it was a flop. She should be more pissed off that the party’s not being held at Society. Or maybe not – since Mariah’s party will ‘literally’ blow the roof off the building? Soooo funny – especially since the GCAC did explode once due to a gas leak in the basement. I’m sure Lola will be glad her party’s not being held at her place of work – too bad the menu will be something she cooks every day. Hey – perhaps liver and onions will be on the menu and Summer will push Lola into the pool (to relive the fun times they’ve shared) .. I’m not even sure what the difference is between new Miami and old Miami? Less cocaine? The men will not wear pastel shirts and shoes without socks?… Stick to waiting tables Tessa. Finding a word to rhyme with Lola isn’t rocket science. Just off the top of my head – Coca-cola, granola, and my personal favourite – ebola. Bonus help: Kyle – vile, bile and shit-pile. You’re welcome.