Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

Now evening, Adam comes downstairs to make a call – I need to report an assault.

On the CL’s patio, Phyllis calls Devon with an opportunity to buy a new hotel – with your money and my magic we could …. Interrupted mid-pitch, Phyllis thinks that whatever project Devon’s working on sounds big – and fantastic. It’ll be great, she wishes him good luck with it. Disappointed, Phyllis hangs up to strike Devon off her list. The only name left is Nick.

Running into Rey inside CL’s, Billy knows about the breakup. Adam’s a wrecking ball but don’t give up on Sharon too soon. Last time Billy saw her it wasn’t Adam that Sharon was pining over, it was you. Rey’s left to think that over for mere seconds before getting a call. An assault? Did you say Adam Newman?

I love you – can’t wait to see you, Chelsea hangs up and informs Nick that Connor (and her Mom) will be there tomorrow. She needs to get his room set up, transfer school/medical records – oh, and explain to Connor that his Father didn’t die after all. Yeah, there’s no chapter on that in the parenting book, Nick can’t quite agree that this is ‘good news’ but promises he’ll try to behave. Take the high road, Chelsea advises (don’t let Adam get to you)

Turning the lights on at the Chancellor Estate, Billy talks aloud. Adam can’t walk through walls – so whoever’s talking to me from the other side, I’d like to know who it is. Delia?

Still on the phone, Rey would be more than happy to get the report on Adam Newman’s assault. ‘And shake the assailant’s hand’ when he meets him (he adds after hanging up)

Back at the house, Nick suggests holding off on ‘the big reveal’ until Connor’s settled. What’s the worst that can happen? he asks. Chelsea shares her concerns – Connor finds out by accident (or Adam makes Chelsea the bad guy) and he wants to live with his Dad. At least Connor’s a bit older, Nick’s plan is to surround him with love. Sending Nick off to meet his Mother for dinner, Chelsea gets a kiss on the cheek.

Still at the Estate, Billy gets a text from Vikki asking if he wants to watch Spiderman for the 575th time (with her and the kids) Replying, he’d give anything to be there but is swamped. Billy then peels back the wallpaper again to reveal the words ‘stop Adam’ and invites Delia (or whoever has something to say) to speak up.

Updated as they arrive at Society, Nikki doesn’t blame Nick for punching Adam (not that she condones that sort of thing) She’s sure he orchestrated it to try to prove that Nick’s an unfit Father. Not so coincidentally, Sharon didn’t arrive to witness what Adam said – but got there in time to see Nick clock Adam. What is wrong with that woman? Nikki’s exasperated. Sharon’s not equipped to deal with someone as manipulative as Adam, Nick knows. Who is? Nikki wonders – Vikki was hoodwinked into giving him money and even Victor was caught off-guard. Hearing that Phyllis’ facilitated the return of Dark Horse’s assets, Nikki’s sure she has an agenda.

At Nick’s, Phyllis begins by prodding Chelsea about not being invited to dinner with Nick and his Mom. And no, Adam didn’t send her. Chelsea assumes he’s furious with Phyllis for transferring properties back to Nick right under his nose. Doing all that to get back on Nick’s good side leads Chelsea to believe that Phyllis wants something in return.