Monday, August 5th, 2019

Are you out of your mind? You were pummelling him, Sharon lectures Nick (who cant’ believe she’s taking his side) Adam thanks Sharon – I should take off. Wait – Sharon takes a look at Adam’s bloody eye. He’s just glad Nick got Christian out of there before losing it. Neither of you would do anything to hurt that little boy, Sharon knows. No, I wouldn’t, Adam claims.

Devon and Mariah are both working on their laptops when Elena comes home from work. After she goes up to take a shower (to be followed by a massage) Mariah’s informed that the couple is now officially living together. Congratulates! Mariah gives Devon a hug.

Yes, it the co-ed party was Mariah’s idea, but Lola and Kyle OK’d it – Tessa escapes with her tray of food when Nate comes in. Maid of the bride Abby rants about being relegated to the sidelines. She’s even more pissed off that she had to find out this information second hand. I’m going to need a date for this party – I’ll let you know when. Walking off muttering that she’s a team player, Abby leaves Nate bewildered.

On the CL’s patio, Nick takes Monique aside – it’s not your fault, he says in response to her apologies. Nick then sits with Christian – did Adam saying he’s your Daddy upset you? You’re my Daddy, Christian doesn’t seem too bothered. Yes, and I’ll always protect you, Nick and Christian share a hug and I love you’s.

Summer’s busy that night. Lola didn’t tell her what night. Summer’s booked solid. Yes, it IS a bit weird – why do you want me to go? Lola was reminded that Summer saved her life. I’ll forever be grateful for that. Let’s put the bad blood behind us. Frenemies? Summer agrees to come – why not?

Kyle doesn’t want Theo throwing him a party. I’ve changed. Nobody’s buying this squeaky clean act; not Mama Rosales, not Phyllis, Theo smirks. Keep your mouth shut about New York, Kyle hisses then leaves.

Chelsea’s chasing Nick around with an ice pack as he rants about Sharon making a perfectly timed arrival. Screw both of them. This could be really bad for you, Chelsea worries. Yeah, Nick sighs – but Adam needs to know what’ll happen to him if he keeps messing with my son.

Nurse Nightingale has brought Adam home to tend to his wounds. As Sharon goes up for the first aid kit, Adam’s left to dab at his face; which is bloody but satisfied.

Down from her shower, Elena’s enjoying a foot massage – and then a kiss when Nate arrives with takeout. Encouraging him to stay, Elena will get the beers. Yes, he’s having women issues. Abby’s sending him mixed signals. Inviting me to a party one minute, blowing me off the next. Nate feels he’s wasting his time. Elena preaches patience – Abby will see what a great guy Nate is.

At Society, Mariah updates Tessa with her progress on the party plans. Don’t mind me, I’m just the maid of honour, Abby comes along. Technically, I should have been consulted. Mariah apologizes – she didn’t mean to step on any toes. The shower you threw was amazing, so if you have any ideas….. No, you’ve got it all covered, Abby leaves in a snit. That’ll be great for the party. Oh, and Mariah invited Sharon but didn’t tell her it’s co-ed so Rey will be there.