Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

Come on – it’s just the two of us, Billy continues to talk aloud to Delia. He thinks of her running around; sliding down the bannister. Sometimes I can hear you laughing; expect you to answer my questions. It feels like you’re still here. Alas, Billy gets no response.

Ouch – looks like that hurts, Rey comments when Adam opens his door. They sent you to take the report, Adam’s clearly not happy. Guess it’s your lucky day, Rey’s enjoying himself.

Mighty proud of herself, Phyllis takes credit for Nick regaining his properties. That was me – I did that. I should throw you a parade, a sarcastic Chelsea just wants an answer to her question – does Phyllis want something from Nick. Insulted by the term ‘gold digger’, Chelsea doesn’t want or need Nick’s money. How much did ‘easy mark’ Calvin leave you? Phyllis is set straight – Calvin loved me, scars and all – has Phyllis ever been able to say that? About anyone? Tell Nick I stopped by, Phyllis exits.

Still at Society, Nick can think of one benefit to Phyllis returning his properties – to get back in Summer’s good graces. More bad blood between them? What happened this time? Nikki’s proud to hear that Summer stood up for her Dad (when Phyllis sided with Adam) She’s also glad to hear that Nick has no interest in Phyllis (who claims to just want a ‘clean slate’)

Not letting Rey in, Adam would rather someone else take his statement. Rey was in the area – let’s get to it. Fine, Adam explains that he was assaulted at Chancellor Park a few hours ago. What took so long to report it? Rey wonders. Adam was otherwise occupied. His assailant? Nick. Go arrest him – he’s out of control. I wonder why, Rey mutters. Next, he’ll go get Nick’s story. His version will likely be different. Hearing that Adam has a witness, Rey assumes it’s someone he bought off. Adam, do you have any food in your fridge? I’m starving, Sharon’s as stunned to see Rey as he is to see her.

All three are awkward. Sharon’s your witness, Rey grunts. How was I supposed to know you were back on the force? Adam feigns innocence. Rey just needs the facts – did Sharon see Nick assault Adam? Uh – yes. That’s all I need to know – someone else will be in touch, Rey leaves Adam to deny he set that up. He tried to get Rey to leave without knowing Sharon was there. You’ve set my whole world on fire – this has to end NOW! Sharon bellows at Adam.

Over dinner, Nikki’s surprised to hear that Connor’s coming tomorrow. Isn’t Nick worried how Adam might react? She also expresses mild disapproval that Chelsea and Connor will be living with Nick. Victor’s torturing himself over this custody case (and how he might have done things differently) Nick’s idea to invite his Dad to Christian’s next game goes over well. Connor being there too will mean the world to your Dad, Nikki’s finally got something to smile about.

Becoming more frantic, Billy’s drinking coffee and pacing around the Estate in order to stay awake. Delia, it’s Daddy – tell me what you need. Or am I just losing my mind? (it seems likely at this point)

Nikki’s busy on the phone as Phyllis arrives at Society to run into just the man she needs; Nick. Ending her call with Victor, Nikki frowns across the room (where Phyllis just needs five minutes of Nick’s time) You won’t regret it, she promises.

A golden opportunity fell into Phyllis’ lap – with Nick’s money and her expertise … Nick’s not interested; he’s starting a project of his own. Phyllis just needs money – perhaps Nick can sell one of the properties from his newly acquired portfolio. Nick can’t – he didn’t take Vikki up on her offer (with the exception of a few properties) Listing how many times Nick’s given away his money, Phyllis wonders whether he has some moral objection to being wealthy. Nick’s sure she’ll find the right person to back her. Good luck, he leaves.