Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

Sharon has to go. Purse, please! AFTER we talk, Adam swears that he had nothing to do with Rey coming over. Sharon can’t believe Adam and won’t go back to being the person she once was; always on shaky ground. People looking at her the way Rey just did. He loves you, Adam points out – and knows you don’t love him back. I do, Sharon claims weakly (going to bed with Adam was a mistake) Rey and I were building a life together. No, he won’t ‘get over this’. The only thing Sharon needs from Adam is her purse (so she can leave) Adam wants Sharon – there’s no one else for him. The sooner she accepts that the sooner he can start making her happy. Sharon looks mesmerized.

Billy finally falls asleep – and into a nightmare. Delia! Delia! he races around. Tell me something – anything – give me a hint. C’mon baby. Daddy, I’m so cold, he finally hears a little girls’ voice. Awakening, Billy goes to the wallpaper. A new word has been added. Stop Adam now.

Nikki joins Phyllis at Society’s bar to thank her for what she did for Nick. It’s been a night of revelations – Phyllis just heard that Nick didn’t accept the full portfolio. She risked it all and Victor (NE) is benefiting. Nikki delivers a speech on making amends and good karma. Phyllis hoped Nick could back her project. Would you be interested? Nikki laughs. Phyllis is serious – we were good partners once. You’ll think of something – you always do, Nikki leaves Phyllis to scratch the last name off her list.

Everything happened really fast. It doesn’t make sense (to Sharon) The first thing Adam did when he got his memory back was try to reconcile with Chelsea. No, Adam wanted to be with Connor – Chelsea was a means to an end. Sharon’s the one he wanted. Look into my eyes – you know it’s true. Something always brings us back together. We belong to each other. Maybe a long time ago – but Sharon’s a different person. She went to school and got her degree. She just wanted to help Adam. Tonight was a mistake. No, you needed me as much as I needed you, Adam knows this is what Sharon’s wanted all along. I can’t, I have to go – don’t follow me – stay out of my life, Sharon can’t escape fat enough.

Now home, Nick confirms that he ran into Phyllis and yes, she did want something. But he has too much on his plate and is more interested in making a difference than making money. What could be more important than that? Nothing, Chelsea smiles.

No, no. Come on. Billy slaps his face – this is a dream. He’ll look at the wall and it’ll be the same as it was before. Unfortunately, it’s not. Vikki sends a text asking if their favourite superhero is almost done and on his way home. Finally making progress – miss you guys, Billy replies. Message received loud and clear Delia, Billy says to the empty room as he stares at the writing on the wall ‘stop Adam now’.

Next: Chelsea receives a special delivery …. Rey and Sharon share a tense moment .. Kyle and Lola’s bachelorette party takes an unexpected turn.

My Thoughts: I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Phyllis somehow convinces Chelsea to invest some or all of her 5 million in The Grand Pheonix. No matter that they despise each other and that neither of them knows anything whatsoever about the hotel business – and that there’s already a thriving hotel in town. Speaking of which, why would Phyllis think Devon would want to be involved in another hotel? And what ‘magic’ is she referring to? The only magic trick I’ve seen her perform is making jobs and men disappear into thin air … I’m not sure why Nick thinks he has to make a choice between making money and making a difference. It is possible (and often necessary) to do both.