Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

As all applaud, Abby overhears Summer complaining to Theo about Kyle and Lola being sold as some great love story – give me a break. Give it up again for Lola and Kyle, Mariah says before handing the mic to Rey. Welcoming him to the family, Rey admits he wasn’t Kyle’s biggest fan – but you love my sister with all your heart. As a surrogate Father to Lola, Rey’s proud of the beautiful, confident woman she is. Be good to her – or else. More applause in the background, Abby’s ranting to Nate about Summer when she comes over to challenges her – if you’ve got something to say, say it to my face. OK – let’s do this. As the ladies step aside, Jack’s leading all in a toast to Kyle and Lola. Theo suddenly swipes the mic – he and Kyle had a lot of good times back in the day. I’m proud of my buddy – he’s transformed by love – almost as if Kyle’s life began the day he met Lola. After a few attempts to shut Theo down, Kyle stands to take the mic and thanks all for coming. Cheers. Taken aside, Theo feels like Kyle’s afraid of what he might have said up there.

Connor doesn’t want more food, he wants to know what grandma thinks he and his Mom need to talk about. A lot has happened, Chelsea knows her son misses Calvin. Connor wishes he could have said goodbye. And this house is nice but what are we doing here? When Chelsea asks how he’d feel about living in GC again, Connor points out that his friends are in Baton Rouge. What’s so special about this place anyway?

Still at CL’s, Billy tells Sharon about finding Delia’s doll in his bed. He’s also hearing her voice in his head and there’s writing on the wall at the Chancellor Estate. Sharon doesn’t see a logical explanation. Neither does Billy – and here’s where it gets weird. HERE’S where it gets weird? Sharon blinks – surely you don’t actually believe it’s Delia’s ghost.

Lola’s frowning by herself when Jack takes a seat to comment ‘that was odd’. Aside, Kyle asks Theo what he wants. Respect, acknowledgement that we’re friends. But we’re not anymore, Kyle snarls. Theo won’t let Kyle forget who he is – or treat him like something scraped off his shoe.

Meanwhile, near the bar, Abby and Summer argue. Leave – Kyle doesn’t want you, you lost! Abby shouts. Summer lists all the men Abby’s gone through; let’s not forget Austin. Abby shoves Summer – shut up and get out! Summer shoves back – I’m not going anywhere!

It happened – it’s time to get over it, Theo decides. Get over it? She was 17 – she could have died! Kyle protests. And you weren’t the one who had to pay off her Father. That’s what this is about? I’ll send you the money right now, Theo pulls out his phone – are we good? Kyle sends the phone clattering to the ground – the only way we’re good is when you’re gone from my life.

We have a problem, Tessa alerts Mariah. No, not there – THERE. Abby’s screaming at Summer – you blackmailed a guy who didn’t love you into marrying you! Dumping an ice bucket over Abby’s head, Summer’s soon engaged in a hair-pulling contest. Mariah races over to break them up – are you crazy!?