Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

When Chelsea returns to inform that Connor’s enjoying Nick’s ‘sports court’, Anita remarks that he’s missing the wonderful, generous Calvin. Looks like YOU’RE having no trouble rebounding. Nick’s given us a place to stay and no, he doesn’t expect anything in return, Chelsea insists. Anita thinks her daughter has more in common with Adam – and he is Connor’s Father after all.

After Mariah moves on, Lola arrives to ask what’s going on. Theo was leaving, Kyle says again. After Summer prods Theo into an unconvincing apology, Lola takes Kyle aside to calm him down – ignore them; we have so many other people to talk to. If he says one more word to me he’s out, Kyle grunts. Have fun, he growls as he and Lola move on. Across the room, Abby and Summer share a cool look. Aside, Sharon reassures Mariah, then goes to talk to Billy (who’s making small talk with Jack and Traci) After his siblings go to get a drink, Billy confides that’s he’s not in a party mood. Sharon isn’t either – wanna get out of here?

Chatting with Rey, Lola understands that Arturo’s busy with the baby coming soon. Rey feels responsible for Mom’s absence – he should have told her about the accident/surgery. No, it’s Lola’s fault – I drove her away. Negative thoughts are pushed aside as Rey and Lola take to the dance floor. Abby comes over to gripe to Kyle about Summer and her man-candy. Hearing that Theo’s the reason Lola’s Mom left, Abby scowls even harder at Summer (who’s happily downing shots at the bar until she notices Abby’s hostility)

At CL’s, Sharon explains why she was quiet on the way over. She didn’t expect to see Rey. Billy spoke to him yesterday – he seemed open to getting back together. That was before. Before what? Before he found me with Adam. Billy’s not shy about his disapproval – what do you see in him? Does he have some spell over you that you can’t see the evil? Sharon expects her friend to keep what she shared to himself. Yes, Billy saw the therapist Sharon recommended – she’s good but what’s going on with me might be too much for her to handle.

Back at Nick’s, Chelsea insists she has no interest in Adam. The man she knew and loved is gone; Adam’s worst traits have resurfaced. And Nick? He’s a good friend who’s been there for Chelsea. You’ll be well taken care of, she assures – then is stunned when Anita declines a million-dollar transfer. Money isn’t everything. Something’s not right – what’s going on? Anita’s saved from Chelsea’s questioning when Connor returns. You two have lots to talk about, she leaves Connor to ask him Mom what grandma meant by ‘we have a lot to talk about’.

As Jack and Traci notice that Billy’s not there, the lights dim and Mariah welcomes the crowd to celebrate Kyle and Lola (who she asks to be seated for a speech and a slideshow of photos as Tessa sings the song she wrote for the occasion)