Monday, August 19th, 2019

Aw, did I hurt your feelings? Phyllis knows Adam’s only interest in Christian is hurting Nick. Victor was right to keep him from you. He sucks as a Dad and a human being but he does have Christian’s best interests at heart. Christian, Dark Horse, Chelsea – it’s all about besting Nick. Phyllis gets it – but revenge gets you nowhere. Tell me one thing you’re proud of. Adam’s silence speaks volumes. Phyllis is turning her life around; putting energy into things she loves. What happened to you? All the goodness was sucked out of you. It’s sad. Speechless for once, Adam exits – with the drinks he just bought her. Buy your own damn drinks.

Zoe tells Summer that it was Theo’s idea she come to the wedding. She was embarrassed that Kyle wasn’t happy to see her. And so was Theo – that’s why he got me out of there so fast. He thought Kyle would be relieved to see that I was OK; that he’d been worried about me since that night I got wasted. Thankfully, Theo and Kyle got me to the ER. Zoe really likes Theo (sorry, you guys had a thing) Nothing serious, Summer shrugs it off (as Theo watches with a smile)

Rey hugs him Mother on the CL’s patio. He knows that couldn’t have been hard but it’s for the best; Adrian would never be faithful. Celeste feels bad that he’s all alone and wishes there was something she could do. Watching Lola and Kyle exchange vows reminded her of her and Adrian’s love. He’s flawed but not a bad man. It’s over. When Rey doesn’t want to talk about Sharon, Celeste assures him he’ll be happy one day.

GC’s got a cool vibe, Zoe suggests she and Summer hang out. Sorry, she’s super busy with work. S’up – Theo comes along, pleased to see the ladies are hitting it off. Since you’re besties now, let’s all go for lunch. Summer can’t – she’s hanging out with her Mom. Say Hi to Phyllis, Theo leaves with Zoe on his arm.

Back in Paradise, Lola can’t get over Theo crashing their wedding. Who does that? And bring a date? Maybe he was trying to make Summer jealous. And here’s my dad hitting on your Aunt Ashley. You aren’t responsible for his actions but Kyle is surprised Lol didn’t ask her Father to leave. He doesn’t have any other family or friends, Lola laments – then is soon distracted with a kiss – then it’s off for food.

Summer’s having a great time with her Mom but is summoned to the office by Jack. I’ll be back when I can, she exits.

Sharon takes a call from Adam – who needs to see her; this is important. I’m at the park – 5 minutes is all she can spare. That’s all I need, Adam hangs up.

The newlyweds return to their cottage raving about the fabulous resort and what they’ll do today. Lola reads activities from the brochure but Kyle’s got something else in mind ~kiss~

On the privacy of the CL’s patio, Mike swears Lauren to secrecy – he’s been watching Adam since he came back to town. He rips through people’s lives taking whatever he wants in an attempt to fill the void where his soul should be. Someone has to stop him. You became DA to take Adam down? Lauren’s alarmed. Shhh – that’s illegal. No one can find out Mike’s motivation. There’s no proof that Adam’s committed crimes – but Mike knows he has. He can’t afford to have Adam as an enemy. And Kevin? Mike can’t tell Lauren yet. All will become much clearer in a few days, he promises.

Adam thanks Sharon for meeting him. I have to say this to you. Marry me. What?! Sharon’s stunned (but considering it)