Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Just the woman I wanted to see, Phyllis joins Abby to blurt out that she found a lender – Chelsea was eating it up with a spoon. If all goes as planned, the money will be wired soon. Not necessary – Abby’s rescinding the offer. Phyllis is stunned to hear she’s been replaced. By this bitch? she grunts when Chelsea appears at Abby’s side.

Adam doesn’t need Sharon to confirm that she’s rejecting him because of Nick (he knows but carries on anyway) Say you love me and that we belong together – what’s the worst that can happen? People take you seriously for the first time? See – that’s why I can’t marry you, Sharon won’t be pressured. Then get out and go back to your safe life – get out, Adam repeats. Surprised, Sharon slowly exits. Furious, Adam shatters a glass against the wall.

Lola shares her dream future – self-recording her cooking show as Kyle comes home to ask what’s cooking. The sweetest little Abbott ever, Lola steps away from the stove to reveal that she’s pregnant. Both rejoice as the baby kicks.

The Grand Phoenix is my baby, Phyllis is then stunned to hear that Victor told Abby what he overheard. You’re going to regret this; both of you are, she leaves. Chelsea jokes – shall we cancel her invite to the launch party? Warned not to pull any cons, Chelsea vows she’s a new person and shakes Abby’s hand.

Bumping into Nick on the rooftop, Sharon apologizes profusely. What’s wrong? Nick’s concerned.

This better be good, Adam answers Cheslea’s call. She wants to get something straight once and for all.

Chelsea didn’t call to fight with Adam about Connor. Let’s meet and discuss doing right by our son.

Phyllis slams into Victor’s office to blast him for going behind her back and sabotaging her life. You’re going to deal with me now – face to face, she leans on his desk.

Lola and Kyle are now out on the balcony, wrapped up in white fluffy hotel robes and each other.

Having known Sharon forever, Nick guesses that Adam’s got her all flustered. He proposed, she confides. He knows exactly what to say to get under your skin, Nick wonders what exactly put her so on edge? You can say anything to me. He said we were alike – that we both have an inner darkness. He’s unequivocally wrong, Nick’s adamant.

Arms folded, Victor suggests Phyllis look in the mirror for someone to blame for the way her life’s going. He’d warn a stranger from doing business with Phyllis so of course he’d warn his daughter. When Phyllis whines about everyone in GC, Victor scoffs – we didn’t all draw straws and decide to make you our scapegoat. YOU turned on my wife and daughter. No! I kept their secret for months! You don’t cross a Newman! Victor fires back – You and Adam will go down together. YOU are the one who will fall, Phyllis warns Victor not to underestimate the power of a woman with nothing to lose. Bring it on, Victor stands to challenge (then briefly falters before looking satisfied as Phyllis slams back out)

Nick won’t let Sharon beat herself up – you thought you could save Adam. I won’t let him hurt you, he gives her a hug (which Chelsea and Adam are horrified to see as they arrive on the rooftop)