Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

Vikki has no idea what Adam’s talking about – Billy’s fine. Maybe you DID put Delia’s doll in our bed. She knows Adam loves creating chaos to watch the fallout. Leave Billy out of your war on the Newmans. He wants to focus on his family and his job (which he’s out of town working on right now) Leave him and us all alone, she reiterates. Without further word, Adam exits the patio.

Rey leaves Celeste to say her farewells. She’s so proud of the fearless woman Lola’s become. Kyle smiles as they hug.

His car parked, Billy takes a photo of the handkerchief and sends it to Adam – ‘see you soon’. A second later, Adam receives the message and marches out and onto the elevator.

Continuing their long and weepy farewell, Lola makes Celeste promise that she won’t fall for Dad’s empty promises. And Kyle promises he’ll take good care of Lola. With one last Mother-Daughter hug and an ‘I love you’, Celeste leaves Lola to be consoled by her husband. I love you, they both say.

Vikki leaves Billy a message. Jack doesn’t know anything about this trip. Whatever you’re thinking about doing, don’t.

Adam’s at the side of the road – you wanted me, you’ve got me – now show your face, he calls out a challenge. As Billy speeds towards him, headlights illuminate Adam as Chloe appears to shove him out of the way. Tires squeal as Billy frantically turns the wheel.

Next: Victor severs ties … Phyllis protects her interests … Chelsea’s world is rocked.

My Thoughts: If Lola has such a big family, why didn’t they come for the wedding? And when Lola says she’s inviting her family over for Celeste’s bon voyage party, she means one other person; Rey. Surprising that Celeste didn’t bother to meet Sharon or show any curiosity in the woman she and Lola are pushing Rey to reconcile with. With all the problems in the apartment, shouldn’t the landlord be notified? Who’s footing the bill for this new 10,000 BTU AC? … Looks like it might not be a problem keeping the secret that Chloe’s still alive (if she’s dead again) Poor Mike did all that work for nothing … Pretty low of Chloe to pull the Delia card. Maybe Delia wouldn’t want Kevin to go babysit Billy and she sure as hell wouldn’t want her Mom to throw herself in front of a car to save Adam …. Whatever happened to GC Buzz? Did the show just fold when Mariah stopped hosting? Hilary must be rolling in her grave. All she wanted was to be remembered yet Devon wasted no time cancelling her legacy… It’s nice that Mariah and Sharon are close – but does a daughter really need to hear about her Mother’s random ‘interludes’? ..Of course Kyle wasn’t taught how to fix things around the house – he spent most of his formative years in hockey school (which now seems like a huge waste of money)