Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

Lola and Celeste are chatting over the stove as Rey offers to help Kyle fix the AC next time. When the ladies join them, Kyle admits that his Dad didn’t teach him how to fix things. He grew up rich and entitled but now wants to be a well-rounded person. Rey takes credit for Lola being able to fix her food truck (and teaching her how to box) All lies, Lola disagrees with a laugh. Delighted with the humorous banter, Kyle’s glad his kids will grow up with such a happy family. Wait, do you have some good news to share? Celeste wonders.

Mariah accosts Adam at Society’s bar – why did you take a wrecking ball to my Mom’s life? Do us all a favour and go back to Vegas. Remembering that she’s not above using a dead girl’s memory, Adam wonders if Mariah sent him the text. No, she doesn’t even have his number. Never mind, he storms out.

Joining Vikki at CL’s, Kevin’s idle chit chat quickly leads to questions about Billy – is he happy? Why do you ask? Vikki’s suspicious.

No babies, Lola and Kyle want to enjoy their freedom before thinking about having kids. Rey thinks that a good idea and Celeste will just have to spoil her grandbaby. Oops, sorry, she apologizes to Rey. No need – he will welcome his niece or nephew into their crazy family with open arms.

At Society, Sharon tells Mariah about Adam proposing, then misinterpreting an innocent hug with Nick. Mariah hopes Adam thinks her Mom’s having a torrid affair with Nick. This isn’t your fault – Adam had no reason to think you’re into him. That’s not entirely true – we had an ‘interlude’ a few weeks ago, Sharon admits. Please tell me you didn’t….. Mariah’s horrified to realize Sharon’s still attracted to Adam. You drove away a man who’s good for you – Rey.

Kevin’s expresses concern for Billy and can imagine what he’s going through; not sleeping – distant – having nightmares about Delia. It can’t be easy for you, Kevin sympathizes with Vikki. She thinks working on the Jabot merger a good distraction for Billy. He just went on a business trip to California. She’s left even more suspicious by Kevin’s questions and his abrupt departure.

Sirens wailing in the background, Billy’s lurking in a dark alley. Chewing gum, he puts black gloves on and skulks off.

Celeste agrees with Rey – Arturo belongs with Mia and maybe he should give Sharon a second chance. Lola piles on – she made you happy. Kyle interrupts to toast Celeste for creating such a wonderful family. She has so many great memories. It wasn’t always easy – but we’ve always been there for each other. Near tears, Celeste is so happy to have had this time with her children.

Rey and I are through, Sharon tells Mariah that he knows she slept with Adam. Would you take him back if he asked? Yes, Sharon basically admits.

Still chewing, Billy opens a car door and climbs inside.

On the patio, Vikki calls Jack to ask about Billy’s business trip to California. Since he knows nothing about it, Vikki will check with Ashley. Adam appears to ask ‘what the hell’s going on with Billy’?