Thursday, August 29th, 2019

Billy’s asleep or unconscious, a first aid kit beside him on a bed in the Chancellor boathouse – where Kevin and Chloe have brought him to hide out until they find out whether Adam knows it was Billy behind the wheel. Because she pushed him from behind, Chloe doubts Adam knows it was her. At least Kevin now believes that her obsession with Adam is truly over. When Billy wakes up struggling, Kevin inserts a syringe in his neck – this’ll hurt me more than it’ll hurt you.

Adam opens the door to let Phyllis in – no, he’s not hungover, someone tried to run him over last night – that’s your MO, right? That thing with Chris and Paul was a long time ago – Phyllis figures he must be joking. Do I look like I’m joking?! Adam does not.

Victor’s summoned Summer to the ranch – not to discuss his health or play chess. Your Uncle Adam’s playing a dangerous game and you may be a target, he warns.

Ta da! Abby impresses Chelsea as staff put finishing touches on the ‘incredible’ lounge. The Grand Phoenix is ‘here to slay’, Abby quips.

Having watched a video online, Chloe thinks putting a splint on Billy’s leg was pretty easy. Kevin would still rather take him to the hospital but agrees – Billy might get arrested. Chloe thinks she’s the perfect person to help Billy over his obsession with Adam. Being alone when held hostage actually helped her with that. We need to lay low anyway so why not here? Reading a text from Mike, they hug – the gag order’s been lifted – we’re free.

Adam updates Phyllis – someone took his Mother’s handkerchief that Chelsea gave him. He was to go to where Delia died to get it back. He doesn’t know who was driving the car that almost hit him – or the person who pushed him out of the way. Well, Phyllis can’t take credit for it – she’d never exploit his memories of Delia. Then who would have done something so twisted? Adam’s ruled both Billy and Kevin out. Chelsea? Tha leaves wannabe King Lear – Victor, Phyllis wouldn’t put it past him.

Warning Summer to be careful, Victor’s pained to admit that his son, Adam, is capable of anything.

Abby wants the lounge to be for out of town guests and locals to work and play; big private parties or an illicit rendezvous for two (like Chelsea and Nick) As Chelsea asks questions about security, Phyllis (‘the phoenix’) arrives – how dare you keep the name of my hotel?

Chloe and Kevin debate what to do next. She wants to be there when Billy wakes up. He’ll be out for hours and Kevin thinks they should be seen around town – then try to find out what Adam knows. How are we going to explain that my funeral was fake? Kevin has a plan.