Thursday, August 29th, 2019

At the ranch, Adam accuses Victor of hiring someone to kill him. What the hell are you talking about? Victor then lectures Adam regarding Christian – that’s when I knew there was no hope for you!

Go ahead – think of yourself a the phoenix but Abby won’t change the name because Phyllis’ feathers are ruffled. The name could just as easily apply to her and Chelsea; we’ve both overcome a lot. Oh yeah – the Naked Heiress and the Black Widow, Phyllis scoffs.

After Chelsea exchanges a few insults with Phyllis, she goes off to see about security – clearly, it’ll be important. Caw! Caw! Caw! Phyllis flaps her arms and crows loudly. OK, wow – can we act like adults here for a minute? Abby made a business decision – she’d rather have Chelsea as a partner than Phyllis. Back and forth it goes. When Theo arrives with Zoe, Phyllis informs ‘we’ve been dumped’. Ooh – there’s a little misunderstanding – I fired you, not Theo, Abby clarifies.

My amnesia gave you an opportunity to mould me into the son you wanted; a puppet. But I didn’t fall in line – all that work to groom me as your heir apparent was for nothing, Adam rants – the same way you failed with Nick and Vikki. Victor starts shouting back – I gave you every chance to be part of this family! You used the memory of my Mother to lure me to that roadside, then hired someone to run me over! Adam’s accusations baffle Victor.

We’re just two people in a coffee shop, Kevin tries to keep Chloe calm. He’s set a timer for when Billy’s medication will wear off. When they head inside to order, Chelsea’s understandably stunned to see her former BFF alive. Kevin tries to hustle Chloe out but Chelsea’s not having it – you’re not going anywhere.

You accepted an offer from Abby after I hired you? Phyllis isn’t impressed with Theo but Zoe’s a huge fan of Abby, Society and this lounge. She can bring a group of amateur photographers to the opening. And who are you? Abby asks. Theo explains that Zoe runs a website that posts photos of celebrities at big events. Candid shots you won’t see anywhere else. Abby thinks that sounds interesting. Phyllis warns Zoe to watch out for these two. Theo’s more than willing to work on any of Phyllis’ future projects. What goes around comes around, Phyllis warns. She’s about to head out when Summer arrives (Theo thought she could help promote the opening) Seriously? Everyone’s working on my hotel except me? Phyllis is aghast. It’s MY hotel, Abby reminds. Phyllis walks off with Summer on her heels.

Back at CL’s, Chelsea’s in shock – I’m calling the police. Understanding her reaction, Chloe will just walk out of Chelsea’s life right now. Guessing that new DA Mike managed to set her free, Chelsea won’t let Chloe off the hook so easily. I’m nowhere near done with you.

Victor would never use Hope’s memory – she had a huge heart and wanted Adam to carry on her legacy of honesty, respect, loyalty etc. What the hell happened to you? You’ve failed at every quality Hope had. She’d be ashamed of the man you’ve turned in to. I loved my Mother, not you! I despise you! Adam snarls, then sweeps the chess pieces onto the floor before slamming out.