Thursday, August 29th, 2019

You put me through hell; trying to kill my husband, lying about it… Chloe appreciates Kevin’s support but this is between her and Chelsea. After he vanishes, Chelsea continues – you inflicted pain on everyone who cared about you. I found you; held your dead body – you let me believe I pushed you to suicide. I carried that guilt. Chloe’s glad that Adam’s alive – killing him wouldn’t bring Delia back. Chelsea thought she could trust her best friend more than anyone. And no, she can’t pick up where she left off with Adam – he’s broken and you’re responsible.

At Society’s bar, Phyllis isn’t sure she wants to have drinks with the double-crosser who made her lose her hotel. It may have been business for Adam but it’s personal now for Phyllis (because they’ve enlisted Summer) Phyllis won’t let them get away with it. Someone tried to kill me last night, Adam obviously thinks his drama trump hers.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Summer’s not sure she should work on this opening. What happened with Abby and Phyllis isn’t our fault, Theo points out. Zoe appears to chirp to Summer that her Mom’s ‘kick-ass’; she admires their relationship, and Summer (who she’d like to learn from) After Theo sends Zoe off to take selfies, Summer asks if she’s always this perky. ‘Fraid so’. No, of course, Theo wasn’t trying to orchestrate a run-in between Summer and her Mom. He wants Summer to attend the opening with him – not as an influencer – as his date. And Zoe? She’s a sweet girl – Theo feels like he owes her. Not convinced, Summer bets it’s more to do with annoying Kyle – both he and Lola will be at the opening.

You destroyed MY life too – Chelsea blames Chloe for her stealing, lying – she didn’t believe Nick’s promises because she didn’t feel she deserved him. Chloe knows she’s to blame for so many things. Like Connor grieving for his Dad? Chelsea adds. In tears, Chloe relays how she was pushed over the edge after losing Delia. She’s missed her best friend and will do anything to repair their relationship. That’s not possible – I have to go, Chelsea hurries out – leaving Kevin to hug Chloe and reassure – she just needs time. Chloe’s not so sure – and knows she’ll have to deal with the damage she caused.

Victor’s barking into his phone – Adam just barged in here ranting and raving about his Mother, Delia and claiming he was lured out to route 7 – someone tried to kill him. Find out what’s going on and get back to me asap ~click~

Victor said my Mother would be ashamed of me, Adam pouts. Don’t take it to heart, Phyllis only seems interested in how Adam will retaliate – you’re not going to let him get away with it are you? We’re the same, Phyllis thinks it payback time. Whatever Adam does must be deep and lasting – Victor tried to kill me last night. And he’s cheating death yet again. Victor’s suffering from a rare blood disease – treatment seems to be saving him. It’d be great to pull back the curtain and reveal the great, powerful OZ. Victor’s frail – it’d be nice to prove to him that he’s not invincible.