Friday, August 30th, 2019

After catching up on some sleep (til almost noon) Chelsea comes down to find Nick reading an article online about Chloe being alive. Wow, that hit the news fast. Yes, she knew – she bumped into Chloe and Kevin yesterday. Having a hard time believing it, Chelsea was up all night thinking about the woman who derailed their lives.

At Society, Chloe whispers to Kevin; act natural – not like we’re holding Billy in the boathouse in a drugged stupor. He’s just catching up on his sleep and recovering from the accident – we’re doing him a favour. Once again, Kevin assures that Billy will be out for a while. We need to send out a text from Billy explaining his absence. Kevin hides the phone when Vikki comes in. She read the news but it’s mind-blowing seeing Chloe.

Mike’s been summoned to Adam’s. Care to explain this? (the news on his tablet) Yes, – Mike would love to. Chloe’s only facing arson charges?! Adam sputters – this is a perversion of justice. Mike’s keeps calm – no one will believe you were in the cabin Chloe blew up. And you hired someone to take the rap for Chloe shooting you. That knife you were holding at my throat is now just a feather – and Mike’s not the least bit ticklish.

Nick understands why Chelsea’s upset – finding Chloe’s dead body – thinking we drove her to suicide. Chelsea thinks it sick – what kind of person kills a man then pretends to grieve with his widow? Nick finds it hard to judge Chloe – he did some rotten things after losing his only daughter, Cassie. The rage and grief was overwhelming. Adam started this whole chain of events.

Mike has a big day ahead serving his faithful voters – they’re the only people he answers to now. His relationship with Adam is over; Kevin and Chloe have nothing to fear from him, so neither does Mike. No more empty threats. Mike’s about to head out when Adam asks how his son’s doing these days.

Vikki has plenty of questions for Chloe (and Kevin) – about where she was and why she came back now. It was getting harder to keep it quiet – Bella wondered why her Mom couldn’t come with them to visit her grandmother. Ester didn’t know? Chloe knows it’s awful but had their reasons. Putting the pieces together, Vikki asks if Billy knew that Chloe was alive. Chloe and Kevin look guilty.

Chelsea can’t believe Nick’s so willing to forgive Chloe (after being so determined to prove that she blew up the cabin) She said she’s sorry and can co-exist with Adam now but Chelsea can’t help but think about how different things would be, for everyone, if that cabin didn’t explode. Adam lost three years of his life and came back desperate to claw back everything that was taken from him. Nick knows Adam was a manipulative jerk long before Chloe. She has enough on her conscience, Nick sympathizes – but Chloe isn’t his concern, Chelsea is. You don’t owe her anything but that kind of friendship is hard to come by. It might be worth a shot to repair it. Only you can answer that question.

No, Adam’s not threatening Mike’s son – just asking if he’s heard from him lately. Guess not since he’s having a good time on tour. Adam then shows Mike a photo of Fen on his phone – looks like he’s dealing drugs. Mike studies the photo. You bastard! he grabs Adam. Hey, no need to get all riled all – according to my source, he’s not in deep – just making sure everyone has a good time on tour. Shellshocked, Mike sits. Adam sits beside him – it’s pretty risky given Fen’s history – did you know the average sentence for drug trafficking in Oklahoma is eight years in state pen? What do you want from me? Mike asks. Nothing yet – just know that brief time you didn’t have a knife to your throat was because I was sharpening it.