Friday, August 30th, 2019

Please don’t blame Billy, I begged him to keep it secret, Chloe implores. Adam did find out – he blackmailed Kevin and me; threatening to turn me into the police if Kevin didn’t obey his orders. Billy knew about that? Vikki now understands why he was so livid at Adam. She thinks Kevin should feel guilty – the other day, you asked me how Billy’s doing when you knew (more than me) what he’s dealing with. Kevin was very concerned. Not concerned enough to reach out to me, Vikki’s just worried about Billy. Kevin thinks this business trip will help. Let’s get together when he comes back. When is that? Vikki’s not sure but will keep them in the loop. Thanking them for the candour, Vikki adds ‘nice to see you Chloe’ and leaves. Kevin and Chloe are left to feel bad about lying to Vikki again. Maybe we should tell her. No, that would make her an accomplice. Chloe’s sure she can help Billy without unleashing her ‘murderous rage’. She saved Adam, Convinced, Kevin pulls out his phone – let’s send that text.

At CL’s, Jack’s sells his addiction treatment program for artists so well that Lauren agrees to increase her quarterly donation by 5%. It’s a cause close to her heart – because of Fen. On cue, Jack gets a text from Billy – he’s checked himself into rehab again for his gambling. As Jack rushes home to tell Traci, Mike arrives for an update. Addiction is a cruel disease, Lauren sighs. Mike has something important to discuss. No, it’s not about Chloe, it’s Fen.

Have you talked to Fenmore? Where is he? Mike wants Lauren to find out where he is through Power Communications – say we’re mailing him a care package; not visiting. ARE we visiting? Lauren’s confused. No, you are – and don’t let Fen know (or he’ll find a way not to be there) What’s going on??? Fen’s using again, Mike blurts out.

Vikki drops by Nick’s to report that Billy’s not on a business trip – he went back to rehab. No, she’s not OK and doesn’t know what to believe. Billy’s been struggling, but not with gambling. Could he have gone to Vegas to dig up dirt on Adam then got caught up gambling? Nick shrugs – stranger things have happened. Vikki doesn’t understand – we were close – had that commitment ceremony – now he’s lying, hiding things – sent this devastating news – by text? What’s happening to Billy? Nick hugs his emotional sister.

Jack comes home to join Traci fretting about Billy. At least he figured out that he needs help. No, Jack’s not second-guessing the merger at all. A crisis like this makes you rearrange your priorities.

Ester’s so happy having a tea party with Bella, Chloe and Kevin in the park. Chloe’s apology isn’t needed – it’s all forgotten. Chloe looks up to see Chelsea (near tears) watching them.

Traci considers calling Vikki – while Jack’s optimistic Billy will be out soon (and finish his recovery as an outpatient, like last time. He has a bit more to deal with this time, Traci reminds. He might be gone for a while. Jack then changes the subject to Dina – and why she wasn’t happy. Maybe she couldn’t figure it out either – she had everything but it still wasn’t enough.

Vikki confides to Nick that Billy kept another secret – he knew for weeks that Chloe was still alive. It hurts that Kevin knew more about what Billy was dealing with than me. I feel disconnected from the man I love. Vikki’s not even sure he’s in rehab. Do you have a plan to find out? Nick asks.

Aside, Chloe thinks it a good sign that Chelsea didn’t leave. If you want to talk, I can listen, or you can chew me out again. She’s beautiful, Chelsea looks over at Bella. Are you staying in GC? Yes. Hearing Chelsea is too, Chloe can steer clear. Chelsea can’t be mad that Chloe hit her over the head and left town (since she did the same to Sharon) The friends admit their flaws and hug it out.