Friday, August 30th, 2019

On the patio, Mike’s looking into flights while Lauren clings to hope that Fen’s drug use is just a horrible rumour. There’s photos, Mike barks – one of Fen’s new friends sold them to Adam – who made a point of showing them to me. Adam knows? Lauren’s further distressed.

Traci’s words sparked a memory for Jack. Flashback to a young Dina and John arguing. We just got back from a vacation – the kids loved it. That was three months ago. The Alcorns went to Acapulco and stayed at the same hotel as Bridgette Bardot. Is that why you were hanging on Alcorns every word at the club last night? John noticed and so did Mrs Alcorn. You always think I’m flirting, Dina complains. John suggests she hire a decorator – maybe she’ll enjoy the house more. If it’s not the house or the kids – and not me, what IS it? Please, he kneels to kiss Dina’s hand. What can I give you to make you happy? Dina’s left to cry alone. As a kid, Jack hid and heard every word. Both he and Traci know that Dina would find her happiness by starting a company and travelling the world.

Lauren’s livid – Adam’s going to exploit our son’s addiction? Use it as blackmail material? Mike won’t let Adam do whatever he has planned – Lauren’s to go find Fen and get him into treatment immediately. Tell him there’s no other option. Lauren will and when she gets back, we’ll take that sonofabitch down together. Adam will be sorry he messed with the two of us! she vows and exits.

Introduced to Bella, Chelsea joins the picnic and all continue to have a fun afternoon.

Billy awakens in pain, his leg in a splint. Where the hell am I? he wonders.

My Thoughts: Sure Nick – it’s nice that the boys can entertain themselves – but you just got your son back yesterday. Has Christian already lost his new boy smell? Nick spent more time whining about not having Christian than being with him now that he has custody. Similarly, Chelsea was ever so concerned about all the upheaval poor Connor’s endured yet she’s not exactly diligent in monitoring her son’s emotional wellbeing. Having just acquired multi-millions, why would she take on a time-consuming job as a glorified hotel manager? … Mike has a ‘big day ahead’? I guess the job of District Attorney is a part-time, telecommuting gig; you don’t even need a home office – any old coffee shop will do … I guess Kevin didn’t do the math correctly in guesstimating how long he’d knocked Billy out for. Pretty stupid thing to do – Billy might be on medication that doesn’t go with whatever Kevin’s injecting into him…. Why does Chloe need to be reintegrated into GC society? Does she really need to start with the hottest spot in town and the park Adam constantly loiters at? Why not start small – the grocery store, gas station… Yeah Nick – you did do ‘some things’ after Cassie died – the most problematic thing you did was Phyllis. You were soooo grief-stricken that you managed to ignore the grief Cassie’s biological Mother was going through.