Monday, September 2nd, 2019

On the CL’s patio, Adam whines about having his heart stomped on – look me in the eye and tell me we don’t have a connection. Sharon lectures him on the horrible things he’s done since coming back to town. Dropping the custody suit was the only good thing. And what did Adam get for it? Nothing. The restraining order is still in place, he gripes that Nick has no idea what he’s done.

Nick reassures his Mom that he and Chelsea aren’t rushing into things. He gave her time to grieve and now they’re making a home with their boys. Nikki’s happy for him but Adam won’t be. He has a vendetta against us but Nick won’t interfere with Adam’s relationship with Connor – everything else is fair game if he wants war.

Adam’s denies he’s threatening Nick but is pissed that he’s being cut out of Christian’s life. I just want to know him. Nick doesn’t trust you, and it’s your fault, Sharon can’t blame him. Adam’s fear is that his son will hate him as much as he hates Victor.

Jack understands that Victor thought he was doing the right thing in letting Hope raise Adam. You’re not the same man Albert Miller was. Victor laments that he hated his Father as much as Adam now hates him. Jack feels the merger has made his family closer. On the surface, he has everything a man could want (yet doesn’t look happy)

At home, Kyle’s alarmed to hear that Zoe was at Society. No, she didn’t give Lola a hard time – she was very sweet. She asked for a selfie and Lola obliged. It’s all good, Kyle says – but looks worried.

Back at Society, Phyllis doesn’t see how Abby and Chelsea screwing her over relates to Zoe. I’ll be at the opening and will post anything scandalous online – which will make Abby and Chelsea look bad, Zoe thinks she can destroy their reputation. Phyllis doesn’t think so – they (and Theo) know what they’re doing. Zoe wants Phyllis to sabotage TGP so she can ‘go viral’ – like Summer. Honey, that’s not going to happen, Phyllis lets Zoe down gently (if not somewhat condescendingly) She won’t ruin TGP opening because her daughter’s working on it. And if Zoe makes it a viral disaster, it’ll blow up in her face – you don’t want to make enemies of Abby or Chelsea – you’re out of your league. Without further word, a disgruntled Zoe stomps off.

Devon feels badly about shutting Kay down when she initially reached out to him. I accused her of trying to get back at Tucker. Elena’s understanding and supportive.

Lola sends Kyle off to start the shower – she’ll be right there. Hearing a thud, Lola asks what’s going on. Kyle comes out soaking wet to kiss her passionately.

Sharon’s just trying to help Adam. By trying to make me a different person? You shut me down every time we get close, he complains. If you were honest with yourself, you’d admit you want me as much as I want you, Adam leaves Sharon to think about that – then look guilty when Rey appears on the patio.

You probably think I deserve this, Sharon’s sheepish. No, want to talk about it? Rey’s kind. You’re really sweet to want to help – but I should go, Sharon hurries inside.

Jack and Victor continue to spar good-naturedly. Jack’s not sure why he’s not content. What does Victor do when he feels that way? He left town. And yes, he found what he wanted – and there she is now; he answers a call from Nikki (home waiting for him) Victor credits her with always guiding him and hopes Jack finds what he’s looking for.

Kay would kick my butt if she was still here (for having regrets) Devon then talks about how he felt when he inherited all her money. At first he went crazy – now he wants to make Kay proud. Elena’s sure he is and understands why he’s worried – you think someone might try to take away what your grandmother gave to you.

Devon’s more frustrated than worried – he wants answers. Is someone coming after my money? My company? No one will take what he built with Neil. Elena will be there for Devon as he’s been there for her ~kiss~