Monday, September 2nd, 2019

Rey’s upstairs – hope I’m not interrupting. There’s a problem with the shower but it’s nothing to worry Sharon (the landlord) about. Losing her to that jerk Adam was rough, Rey admits. After her depressed brother leaves, Lola wishes everyone could be as happy as they are.

Sharon’s at Nick’s – also happy that Christian’s home. She’s going away on a trip after TGP launch party. Why? What’s going on? he’s suspicious.

Phyllis joins Adam at the bar – she just talked someone out of making a mistake. What’s going on? Adam doesn’t want to talk about it. She guesses it’s his issues with his Dad. Clear your head so we can get some payback, she orders. I understand more than anyone what you’re going through.

Lola suggests moving. Every time Rey comes here he risks running into Sharon – it’s heartbreak hotel for him. She does love their first home but it’s time to make a new home. Let’s do it, Kyle agrees. He then gets a text – my Dad wants to see me.

Does this have something to do with Adam? Nick guesses. He’s part of the reason but Sharon’s not running away from her problems. Given Adam’s determined to hurt people, Nick thinks it good that she not be caught in the crossfire. Yes, Faith can stay as long as needed, he agrees. Sharon vows to come back with a new purpose; one that has nothing to do with Adam.

Full of sarcasm and emotion, Phyllis reminds that she lost her son in a custody battle and didn’t see him for years. I’ve never had my heart shattered – or had my family treat me like something stuck to their shoe? she scoffs. And I have NO idea what it’s like to be mistreated by Victor – he put me through hell! But I have no clue – you win the ‘poor me’ prize. Enjoy your victory! she marches out.

Jack needs to get out of here – set a couple of things right and set a new course in his life. Kyle’s to be interim CEO while he’s gone. Kyle’s surprised – especially after what happened last time he was in charge. Jack knows his son has matured and will make him proud. Kyle will do his best. This is good for both of us, Jack’s sure.

Nikki coos about how worried she was. Victor explains that he was at Society – having an interesting chat with Jack. I’m a lucky man, he’s realized ~hug~

Driving through the night, Jack smiles into the rearview mirror. Where are we heading Jackie? a young John Abbott asks from the back seat. I dunno Dad. I’ll let you know when we get there, Jack seems eager to explore the possibilities.