Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

Nikki and Vikki drop by TGP to chat with Abby about the hotel rebounding. Abby doesn’t believe the charges against her sister and doesn’t worry that Vikki’s presence will scare customers away. Nikki’s sure that Adam will make another move and a mistake. Abby hopes so – but isn’t thrilled that Vikki’s using herself as bait. Yes, Billy’s concerned but going along with the plan. He’ll be here soon but has something to take care of first, Vikki adds.

Billy’s paying a long overdue visit to his therapist. What brought him back? He realized he needs help and is ready to do the work necessary to get better.

At the penthouse, Elena thinks it best they cancel the party Devon was having Abby plan (it’s too much to ask so soon after her Father died) We’ll have a quiet birthday party at home. Agreeing, Devon has to tell Elena something – Amanda Sinclair looks exactly like Hilary.

On the CL’s patio, Kevin and Chloe are sure it was Adam who killed Victor, not Vikki. What a mess. Adam will get his eventually, Kevin’s sure. Both have faith that Mike will put him away.

Sharon’s at the penthouse to see if Adam’s alright. That’d be a hard no, Adam whines – then huffs when Sharon asks him to make things right by clearing Vikki’s name.

This lawyer doesn’t just resemble Hilary – Amanda Sinclair could be her twin, Devon doesn’t think it a coincidence. Whoever sent her is trying to rattle me. Elena’s really sorry – seeing her must have been shocking. What kind of person would do this? Someone with an agenda – Devon vows to find out who it is.

Billy tells his therapist about being two separate people living parallel lives. His alter ego was out of control, dangerous. Vikki helped him face it but Billy’s scared – he can’t lose himself again. That’s why we’re here, the therapist is comforting and calm.

Back at TGP, Abby wishes Dad was on the same page as the rest of the family (with regards to Adam) Nikki reminds that Victor never stops loving his children – even Adam.

How can I clear Vikki’s name? Adam scowl – by confessing? You think I killed my Father? Sharon didn’t say that – but Adam might be the only person who can help Vikki. What would I get out of it? Adam asks. Me, Sharon replies.

You’d be the grand prize for me rescuing Vikki? Adam scoffs. Sharon wouldn’t put it that way but feels she must do something while Adam pushes everyone else away. Adam doesn’t feel he started this war with his family. It breaks Sharon’s heart to see him like this. She’ll be his friend, his conscience – help Adam be the man he wants to be (if he helps Vikki)

Kevin and Chloe are happy to be a normal family – even with Jill living with them. They’ve cleaned Billy’s writing off the wall and are glad Adam and Jill will never know about it.

Devon’s at TGP to hug Abby and offer condolences – need anything? Abby’s trying to stay strong for Vikki and focus on work. She insists the party for Elena goes as planned – let’s go look at some menus.

Vikki’s relieved that Billy was there for the kids after she was arrested. Nikki too – but is concerned about the risk of having him around Adam. Jill suddenly appears to latch onto Nikki – such terrible news about Victor; you must be devastated, she gushes.