Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Let’s go back to square one, Theo admits he felt like his old friend was leaving him behind. Angrily chopping vegetables, Lola cuts her finger. Theo faints at the sight of blood.

Jack loves Summer’s ideas too – maybe he should have hired you as my right hand. After sending Kyle to fetch a file, Jack doesn’t deny he angled for some one on one time with her.

Devon’s sorry he didn’t tell everyone about Amanda. Elena thanks everyone but thinks its time to call it a night.

Poor Devon, Mariah’s left to sigh. Yes, but Tessa knows this must be hell for her too.

Jack wanted a chance to offer his unwavering support. Never forget – I’d move mountains for you, always. Summer thanks him with a hug.

Giving Theo a glass of water, Lola jokes – is this an act to get on my good side? She now agrees to talk to him – but it’ll have to wait until her shift’s over. Drink the water, she marches off.

Rey won’t let Sharon beat herself up for not being able to save Adam. You didn’t fail – go be the best version of yourself.

Lola comes into the dining room to join Theo. Being a scaredy-cat has earned him some points. Asked about New York, Theo says Kyle wasn’t with Zoe; his type was smart, beautiful – you. I’m a jerk for not accepting that Kyle has found the love of his life. Lola won’t get in the way as long as Theo respects their marriage. Yes, she’ll keep it secret that he’s a scaredy-cat.

Now seated, Sharon wishes she listened to Rey a long time ago. You know my heart. Rey can see that Sharon’s put a lot behind her. What’s next? A fresh start, she smiles. Rey thinks it a perfect plan.

Abby quietly tells Nate that she feels guilty about faking grief over her Father. It’ll be over soon, Nate reassures.

At the bar, a teary-eyed Mariah confides to Tessa that she loved Hilary (and lists why) I want this Amanda woman gone. Yes, she misses her friend. It’ll be OK, Tessa consoles.

Devon paces around the penthouse griping about Amanda ruining Elena’s birthday (which she denies is the case) Devon then pulls out a cupcake with a candle. Make a wish. Elena’s wish is that this issue with Kay’s will and Amanda disappear. Over her shoulder, Devon looks troubled.