Friday, October 4th, 2019

Thanks for coming, Devon (with Elena) greets Billy and Vikki at TGP. Nick appears to take his sister aside to swap updates and hope the family can heal itself. Things should get easier now that Adam’s gone. Nikki arrives to say that Victor’s meeting her here. Yes, he’s feeling alright. She takes Vikki aside but before she can speak to her, Vikki spots an associate she needs to do damage control with.

Victor’s sorry if he’s interrupting but this is more important. Summer makes it clear that she’s here to talk to the one person in her life she can turn to right now; Jack (who hovers as Summer lashes out then runs out) Wow – you really bungled that, Jack notes. I certainly did, Victor admits but kindly asks Jack to spare him the judgment.

A polite and appreciative Chelsea welcomes Sharon into Nick’s. Both agree it’ll be weird working together but also that Connor is their first priority here.

Jack won’t butt out – Summer came to ME for advice after all. I mourned you, yes I mourned you – had a shot of Tequila in your honour. Want me to reimburse you? Victor grumbles about protecting his family being more important than hurt feelings. If you hate Adam so much there was a better way to deal with this. Victor disagrees and puzzles Jack by concluding that what he did is none of anyone’s business – especially yours.

Sharon does a good job of saying what a child psychologist would say – Connor’s not engaging because he’s in defence mode. Given permission to talk to the troubled kid, Sharon suggests Chelsea remind him who she is, then give them some time alone. Hey, it’s not easy asking for help. You’re a good parent who’ll do anything for her son, even if that thing is me.

Vikki’s not troubled when Billy’s summoned away by Jabot business. In fact, she understands better than anyone. With a kiss, Billy’s quick exit means he avoids having to chat with Victor (who’s arrived to throw money at Nick’s worthy coffers) Nikki’s at Victor’s side when Vikki comes over to say that she’s been asked to comment on a rumour that he’s returning to NE – we should probably nip this in the bud. She’s not happy when Victor confirms her fear that it’s not a rumour.

Traci rejoins Jack to ask how things went with Victor. Our family’s had challenges but thank God we’re not the Newmans. Hey – that’d be a great name for our book, Jack has Traci laughing. They then sit to decide what should and shouldn’t be in the book. Jack wants all of it included – even Mom. He’s emotional when admitting that he’s a lot like his Mother – we both always looked for something bigger and better – even when it comes to relationships. Mom never wanted to hurt Dad, she didn’t want to be confined.