Friday, October 4th, 2019

Elena wonders why Devon keeps downplaying his role in New Hope. It’s more Nick’s thing – he cut through the red tape to enable today’s opening, Devon smiles when Elena also thinks Nick would make a good politician.

You’ve been telling people you’re coming back to work without respecting me enough to tell me first, Vikki doesn’t take the news well but manages to spin it into concern about her Dad’s health. Victor knows what he’s capable of. We all know what you’re capable of, Vikki hisses about being a loyal daughter and good CEO. I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming. She then launches into a spiel about being used and humiliated. Apologizing to Nick, Vikki runs out in tears. Nick doesn’t blame his sister for being upset. After he’s lead away by Devon, Nikki’s left to purse her lips at Victor.

It didn’t go well? Chelsea’s worried when Sharon comes down to report that Connor shut her down when she mentioned his Dad. We just need to be patient. Sharon then blames herself for bringing Adam back to town. Now it’s Chelsea’s turn to sound like a shrink – she won’t blame herself (for allowing Connor to reconnect with Adam) Maybe I should take him and leave GC for good.

You can’t leave now, that would break Nick’s heart, Sharon blurts out – he’s good for Connor, a solid Father figure to him.

You’re breathing down my neck, Traci laughs at Jack. She then reads the opening to their book. We loved each other. We detested each other. We fought and made up … blah blah. It’s perfect, Jack’s in tears.

Devon says a few words then steps aside to allow Nick to address the guests and press from the podium. Sometimes, the only thing that keeps us going is hope, he begins – life isn’t always fair. Meanwhile, a furious Vikki slams into the CEO’s office and glares at her Dad’s portrait. Hope is the reason we keep fighting – we all get knocked off our perch – we don’t know what we’ll do next. That’s when we dig deep. Nick speaks about following his own path. This work has given him ‘new hope’. Thanks for your support. All applaud. As Devon quietly again jokes about Nick entering politics, Nikki scolds Victor for pushing this family further apart. Back at NE, Vikki picks up a letter opener and throws it dart-like at Victor’s portrait. You’re not getting away with it this time Dad, she grunts.

My Thoughts: Yes, Chelsea, there is ‘someone else’ (who can help you with Connor) – perhaps if you Google ‘child psychologist’ you’ll find someone you can hire with your millions; someone who’s actually fully qualified and experienced – and, you know, not your boyfriend’s ex who you hit in the head and almost killed. And if Sharon playing child psychologist to Connor is weird, it’s even weirder when she tries to play marital guru. The possibility of poor Nick’s heart being broken is no reason for Chelsea to feel guilted into staying with him, regardless of what a ‘solid’ Father figure Nick is. As for that, go ask Supergirl how she feels about good ole ‘solid’ Dad right now … Whatever happened to the book Traci wrote (with Cane’s help)? Shouldn’t she be on some book tour promoting the adventures of Flynn and his gal Friday, Velma? Perhaps Jack and Traci have dementia too – they seem to have forgotten that everything interesting about the Abbott’s was already documented when Abby made a film about Dina’s life called ‘What the mind can’t remember, the heart never forgets’. Jack and Traci don’t have to write a book – they can just playgerize the diaries Dina’s been writing since the 1950’s (boxes of which Neil found in storage when they bought Mergeron) The Abbott mansion is a … well, it’s a mansion – surely there’s an office they could write in – with desks and no interruptions every ten minutes when someone shows up at the front door .. Oh great. No sooner has Vikki exorcized Billy’s demons and now she’s going to develop a dark alter ego of her own? I hope Billy has some leftover chewing gum for her … Just the other day, Nick had to pull strings to get an inspection and permit for the New Hope building. Without it, Devon said they would not be able to ‘open the doors’. Assuming the doors are now ‘open’, why is the opening, the ‘ribbon-cutting’ of affordable housing being celebrated at a place that’s unaffordable to any of New Hope’s low-income residents? So yes, Nick probably is tone-deaf enough to be a successful politician.