Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

Adam joins Phyllis at his hotel room door – are they running specials on flights from GC to Vegas now? Cane walks in – looks like Phyllis failed to mention that I’m looking for ‘Spider’. Sorry, it must have slipped my mind, she lies. Turns out Cane’s the one who led her to Adam – she overheard him say he was going to Vegas. You’re looking for Chance Chancellor, she assumes.

After a hissy fit, Connor stomps off to his room – leaving Chelsea to inform Nick that the school had her pick him up for being disruptive in class and arguing with the teacher. Things are just getting worse, she cries in Nick’s embrace.

In the CEO’s office, Kyle tells Summer that Ashley’s revamped Jabot’s night cream. Summer’s to get it to beauty influencers to create a buzz before it hits the shelves. No need to run it by Billy – Kyle’s taking Summer and Lola’s advice; doing what’s best for the company and not fighting with Billy. He’s not displeased to hear that Devon fired Theo.

Ending a business call that seemed to go well, Theo’s told that Society’s bar is not his office. The world is my office – and my playground, he grins at Lola then takes a big drink.

Saying only that he can’t help Cane with finding Chance, Adam leaves Cane and Phyllis to show themselves out. He really doesn’t like to talk about Chance, they agree. Phyllis is very interested in why Cane’s looking for him.

Lola repeats – Society is not your office. I’m good for business – Theo considers himself good for business; success wrapped in a pretty package. And dripping with modesty, a sarcastic Lola thinks Mariah should find him a desk at PC. She’s then sorry to hear he was fired. Theo’s OK with it – he’ll use it as motivation. Lola inspires him – she probably came from nothing and was told she wouldn’t amount to anything. That just made you more determined. Success comes from proving people wrong. Lola seems impressed.

When Chelsea calls, Sharon reports having some success with Faith accepting that her Dad lied to her. Chelsea hopes she can do the same with Connor. Yes, she knows Sharon’s not a licensed therapist and is grateful she can come over right away. Nick reassures Chelsea that it’s not her fault. Connor’s hurt and disappointed and Chelsea worries it won’t go away.

Phyllis and Cane compare notes. She doesn’t know where Chance is. His friend Riza wasn’t chatty. When Cane suggests they team up, Phyllis isn’t the girl-Friday type. I’m nobody’s lackey.

Kyle didn’t mean to be a jerk about Theo being fired – are you worried he’ll head back to NY? He’s not talking to me – Summer adds that he got mad when she called him cocky and egotistical. I was just trying to help. Kyle concludes that Theo’s gotta change or Summer will be disappointed.

Well on his way to getting drunk, Theo vents about Mariah. She might be Lola’s friend but she has no clue what she’s doing. She’s buddy-buddy with Devon so came out on top – for now. Theo knows how to get inside people’s head and make it work for him. So, you know how to manipulate people? Lola sums it up. Theo prefers ‘inspire/win them over’. Lola doesn’t think Theo’s a dumb party boy – he’s talented, charming and way too charismatic for his own good. She agrees he’ll dig his way out of this hole but will he be able to resist digging the next one? It seems to be your thing.

Seated and hands clasped, Chelsea and Nick discuss Connor with Sharon. Hopefully, he’ll open up and peak to her. Speak to me about what? the boy appears. Hi, Sharon smiles – she heard he had a rough day at school today.

You OK? Nick asks Chelsea (over coffee at CL’s) You’re doing an amazing job, he provides support and reassurance. Give it time – Connor will realize you’re the same rock you’ve always been for him – he’ll appreciate you more than he ever has. Chelsea hopes Nick’s right.

Back at Nick’s, Connor’s OK talking to Sharon – I like you. She likes him too – and Faith says hi. How is she? Confused about what happened with her Grandpa. Yes, they lied to her too. Maybe you feel the same way Faith does. It’s OK to feel angry. Connor’s not – it’s no big deal. As he goes to the kitchen to get something to eat, Sharon looks heartbroken.

Returning to his hotel room, Adam tells Cane to take the hint – Chance doesn’t want to be found. There’s no need to worry about him – he’s a decorated war hero. OK, then maybe Adam should worry about himself – before Chance disappeared, he dropped a bombshell on his family. You were the last one in contact with him. People are going to wonder why you’re not being helpful and Cane suspects that’s the last thing Adam wants. What’s he talking about? Phyllis is intrigued. Oh my gosh! Cane’s animated – it’s happening already!