Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

Summer got to Society as quick as she could – to hear the news that Theo’s out; no more Power Communications, no more LP. Devon didn’t appreciate him trying to do an end-run around him and Mariah. Theo took a shot and it didn’t work – life goes on and he can now focus on his other ventures. Summer tells him to get over himself – if you can’t work with a good guy like Devon you won’t be able to work with anyone.

Seated at the card table and ready to play, Phyllis will leave Adam to be Spider for the rest of his life, no questions asked (if he wins) And if, by some miracle, she wins? Adam answers her questions. He takes a seat – you’re out of your league. After last night’s game, he knows her ‘tells’. After she deals the cards, Adam suggests Phyllis stay in Vegas. No, she has a kid in GC – and so do you. Isn’t missing Connor a good enough reason to go back to GC?

Summer thinks Theo smart enough to get people to do what he wants without manipulating them. Life isn’t one big reality show or social media feed. He finds that ironic from an influencer who loves to be the center of attention. Summer thinks he should let people see the sensitive side behind the party-boy image. You’re taking this the wrong way, she says as Theo stands to leave. You’re reminding me a lot of Kyle, and that’s not a compliment, he says before marching out.

Nice try – using Connor to distract me from my game – he’s better off without me, Adam shoves his chips in – are you going to bet or fold? Phyllis puts her chips in – call. Have a safe flight home, Adam lays out a full house. Wow – but Phyllis has four of a kind – I win. And now she gets to have her questions answered – starting with Victor.

Vikki finds Victor behind his desk, holding the letter opener she threw at his portrait. You and I need to have a conversation, she snaps. Her gesture was made in the heat of the moment. Yes, Victor expects an apology (for her childish, petty act) Vikki’s furious to have learned she’d been pushed out as CEO from a reporter. She’s not going back to COO and isn’t there to negotiate – she’s there to lay out her terms. Victor’s all ears.

At Society to drop Lola off, Kyle bumps into Summer and suggests they drive to Jabot together. With a kiss, Lola will look at more real estate listings after the breakfast rush. We’ll find something, she promises. After Lola goes to the kitchen to make Kyle and Summer a sandwich Kyle tells Summer that knows what he wants but isn’t sure it’ll be as easy as Lola thinks.

Why did Victor let you go? Phyllis demands the truth. Pops let me go because I learned he faked his death on my own, Adam explains – how he found out doesn’t matter – we talked and got closure. I apologized and hoped he’d forgive me one day. I told him I was leaving GC for good and he let me go on my way. Wow – that was genius – you played on his sympathy, Phyllis is in awe. You knew he’d let you go. You played on his defenses, his defenses are lowered. You’re waiting to swoop in and destroy NE. I support that and will help in any way I can, she’s eager.

OK, Victor’s listening. Vikki’s tried to emulate her hero as best she could but now it’s time for him to hand the reigns over to the next generation. Vikki wants that chair – to be the permanent CEO. I went to jail to protect your plan then was shunted aside. Your health should be your first priority. Adam’s betrayal has taken a toll on you; everyone can see it except you. If Victor won’t put Vikki in charge, their relationship is over and Vikki will start her own business and come after NE with everything she’s got (which includes ruthlessness) You’ll spend every day fighting me and you’ll lose. Those are my terms – take it or leave it.

Arriving at Jabot, Summer agrees with Lola’s plan for Kyle to slow play it until Billy makes a mistake (which he always does) But don’t focus everything on work – go find your dream home with Lola, she advises. A smiling Kyle sends Summer off with her sandwich and heads into the CEO office.

Adam’s out of the revenge business. He doesn’t care about his Father’s company. Phyllis can’t believe he doesn’t want payback. You’re the one who wants revenge – Victor’s not my problem anymore, Adam couldn’t care less. Knock knock. Now this is interesting, Phyllis opens the door to find a smirking Cane.

So, this is it then – I name you CEO of NE or lose you, my daughter, perhaps forever, Victor sums it up. Vikki doesn’t see it any other way. It’s a helluva quandary, Victor sighs – giving up my company or you. Vikki wants the respect she deserves and has earned. If not, we have nothing left to say to each other. Victor admires that Vikki fought for what she wants and wouldn’t back down. You are your Father’s daughter. I’m proud of you. This is yours, he holds out the chair – I accept your terms. Thank you so much for trusting me with your legacy, Vikki gives her Dad a weepy hug. I won’t let you down – I’ll come to you for advice all the time. I know you will, Victor also has tears in his eyes. I trust you. I love you. I now hand the reigns of this company to you ~hug~