Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Over wine, the boys off playing games, Chelsea’s happy that Connor was able to laugh and play. Like a normal family, Nick encourages her to get used to it. Connor needs and deserves someone to look up to after all he’s been through. Things are back on track – and Chelsea’s not just talking about Connor – she’s talking about ‘us’.

Phyllis won’t let Abby leave TGP – she’s been waiting all day to discuss security with her and won’t let her bow out because she’s had a monster of a day. Our first booked wedding would be a disaster if all the gifts are stolen, Phyllis gets her way.

Devon’s on the phone playing hardball when Elena comes down to express concern – this isn’t like you. Devon’s concerned about what Tucker’s up to (as he hasn’t been able to reach him) Cut to an unconscious Cane.

Chelsea appreciates that Nick’s been doing his best to give her space – you’ve gone above and beyond to make things right. She understands Nick kept a secret to protect her and Connor. I’ve done worse and you gave me a second chance. Nick goes to put the boys to bed so they won’t be interrupted.

Of course Devon loves Tucker, he’s just frustrated (and knows he’s taking it out on people who don’t deserve it) We’re a team – Elena wishes she could make this easier. She believes this whole will thing is a scam. Amanda mentioning an ‘old jerk’ means she’s a liar. Devon has to consider that Tucker’s in trouble. And now Cane’s missing too. Everyone connected to Kay’s will has disappeared. Elena’s optimistic – let’s not assume the worst.

Both huddled over a laptop, Phyllis shows Abby the expensive security system she wants to have installed at TGP. Abby finally goes along with the pitch – but what if someone gets hold of the security footage for elicit purposes? She wants all the info to send in for independent verification.

Nick returns to say that he couldn’t find Christian – Connor hasn’t seen him in a while. Chelsea will help look for him – then we’ll pick up where we left off.

Unconcerned, Connor didn’t notice when Christian left his room – he wasn’t paying attention because he was playing his video game. He might be in the backyard – he saw an owl out there before. As Nick goes out with a flashlight, Chelsea’s sure Christian’s fine – can you help find him? Connor leads Chelsea off to find his favourite hiding spots.

Elena’s relieved when Nate drops by CL’s – your instincts were right – Devon’s worried about Tucker – and now Jill can’t find Cane. Then there’s the situation with the lawyer. Nate’s bumped into Amanda too – thinking she’s the problem isn’t really fair to her. Where the hell is this coming from? Elena’s taken aback.

Devon accosts Amanda in TGP lobby – he has an idea to help her and apologizes for being rude when she asked for his help before. You said you were sent here by some old jerk – he might not even pay you for this (aside from the retainer) The person who hired you isn’t being honest. He believes Amanda’s being taken advantage of and wants to help. If it’s about money … There it is – are you trying to bribe me?

Since when are you friends with Amanda? Nate’s had a couple of conversations with her – don’t get it wrong – she seems too smart to get caught up in a scam. He’s not ‘falling’ for anything. Elena assumes it’s because Amanda’s pretty – then apologizes – you’re happy with Abby. No, we broke up, Nate confides.