Friday, October 18th, 2019

Nate accosts Abby at Society – he’s been rethinking what he said the other day and wants another shot at it. Let’s go somewhere quiet, Abby leads him aside.

On the CL’s patio, Jill informs Devon that Cane’s coming home with the original pages of Kay’s will. They disagree on Cane’s MO/criminality but agree that Tucker’s absence is inconvenient. suspicious. Devon believes whoever’s behind this would do anything to get their hands on Kay’s money – and that includes her. Having reached his limit, he makes a beeline for Amanda.

Rey arrives at TGP to find Adrian wooing a young lady. Excusing himself, Adrian informs Rey that luckily, his family came through for him in his time of need – appreciates his new son in law coming to his rescue in his time of need. Lurking nearby, Theo files that bit of info away.

At home, Lola’s sorry she doesn’t have time to make Kyle a proper breakfast but here’s an apple. She then gets a call from Rey – Adrian’s hanging around at TGP, looking way too comfortable. How did he afford that? A heist? Lola jokes. No, he told me that ….. Thanks for letting me know, she hangs up to confront Kyle – you gave my deadbeat Dad money!?

Lola’s not happy – you can’t give my Father a wad of cash with no strings attached and expect him to do the right thing.

Adrian didn’t beg for money – Kyle offered. Theo listens intently as Rey lectures Adrian for not being a Father to Lola – you’re a stranger to her. The nerve of you to talk to me about family. It’s only a matter of time before you get into another mess – don’t break any laws, Rey warns as he leaves.

Summer calls Theo to invite him out tonight. Sure, he just has some business to attend to first – an unexpected opportunity (he looks over at Adrian)

As Jill stands by, Devon tells Amanda that he already knows Cane has the original will pages – are you going to release them to the press? Embarrass me? It’s not going to happen. You’ve got nothing. Then why are you trying to bribe me to leave town? Amanda asks.

Jill continues to remain silent as Devon rants that he wants Amanda gone because of her conflicting stories and lack of evidence – you’re trying to undermine my credibility and the good I’m doing with this money. It’s too late to contest the will anyway. You’re either in on it or too damn proud to admit you’re being played. Amanda knows he’s just worked up because she looks like his deceased wife. She’s had enough of Devon, Jill and everyone else in this damn town. She storms out one way, Devon the other.

Nate’s been examining why they were both so quick to walk away – maybe we’re both trying to protect ourselves. Abby feels that she failed a test by not regretting going along with Victor’s plan (like he did) Nate just wanted her to feel something. The lie was too easy for you – it was too easy for you to dismiss other’s pain (like telling Summer to get over it) Summer can be dramatic, Abby defends herself. Do you hear yourself right now? Nate’s baffled. He put his career on the line and lied to Devon and Elena. Victor could have handled this another way – being pulled into such a scheme matters to me. Abby will always be loyal to her family. Where does that leave us? Nate asks. Abby can’t feel like she’s always under some moral purity test. And Nate
can’t feel like he has to put aside his conscience to be with Abby. Yet again, Nate’s departure leaves Abby to sigh and hold back tears.

Apologizing, Lola can’t fault Kyle for being kind and compassionate. She’s embarrassed that Adrian put him in this position. The Abbott’s have their fair share of drama, Kyle reminds that his Aunt rigged a paternity test to steal the company. He doubts Adrian will stick around long (since she and Rey want nothing to do with him) Just hang on to me – there’s nothing he can do to us ~hug~

Holding court in TGP’s lobby, Adrian entertains some fellow patrons with a funny story about an alligator. Next round’s on me, he excuses himself to type into his phone. Theo appears to introduce himself as a friend of Kyle’s – he’s looking forward to getting to know Lola better. When Theo offers to buy him a drink, Adrian decides the group over there will have to wait. What are you hoping to get out of me? More stories like the one he just told. That’ll be worth two drinks (which Adrian sits to order)

At Society, Abby tells Lola that it’s really over with Nate. No, we can’t find common ground. He sees himself as a paragon of virtue. I let him break down my walls but it won’t happen again. I need to be with someone who accepts me for who I am.

At the bar, Adrian whines about not being able to see his kids after their Mother kicked him out; having to hear about their lives second hand. What was Lola like as a kid? Theo asks. From what Adrian was told; headstrong. She took Tai Kwon Do while her friends went to dance class. No man should cross my baby girl. Theo explains that he met Kyle a few years ago – we grew up in different worlds. The Abbott’s are crazy about Lola. Adrian’s surprised to hear that Kyle went through some rough years with his Dad – they seemed so close at the wedding.

In Jabot’s CEO office, Kyle tells Summer that Billy’s in LA at the opening of a new Jabotique (which he wasn’t even told about) Another example that he doesn’t respect me as a partner. Our sales numbers are great and you did a good job running the place, Summer advises Kyle to play nice and he’ll end up on top. Don’t let Billy get to your head. Sitting beside Kyle, she sees that he’s looking at real estate online and is surprised that he’s looking for a good school district.