Monday, October 21st, 2019

Connor? Chelsea summons her son from his room. Let’s go visit grandpa today – how does that sound? Unenthused, Connor goes to fetch his jacket. Chelsea texts Nick – have you found Adam? Nick’s at his door and will keep her posted.

Opening his door, Adam correctly guesses that Phyllis shared his whereabouts – he has nothing to say to Nick. Too bad – because Nick has a lot to say to him.

Jack’s picked up tea and pastries for Dina’s visit. Traci notes that he seems anxious. No, he’s eager to know more about the letter she wrote to Stewart Brooks. Yes, we’ll play it by ear – but wouldn’t it be wonderful to open another window into Mother’s past?

Having overheard that Jill’s meeting Cane, Ester’s invited herself to join them at CL’s – what’s going on? As it turns out, it’s too late to legally contest the will – Amanda won’t pursue it until she speaks to her elusive client so Cane took matters into his own hands and found the original papers. The forensic specialist Jill hired to authenticate the pages should be here any minute. Barring any more curveballs, Cane will soon know whether Kay intended to leave the bulk of her estate to Devon or him.

Ester and Jill are both curious as to how Cane got the pages without seeing Chance. Out with it. Cane relays getting knocked out and waking up in a room with the will pages – and a note from Chance, who is deep undercover and has to stay off the grid. Something’s fishy, all agree. If the pages are a hoax, it’s over. If they’re real, Jill sees a new set of problems.

See? Victor’s doing well, Chelsea and Connor are at the ranch. I missed you, Grandpa. Victor sits the boy down to apologize for the confusion. Connor pouts – first my Dad was supposed to be dead, then you. Victor was sick – but we’re both alright. We’re now with family we love – sorry ~hug~

Why can’t you people leave me alone? Adam just wants to live his life – without the Newmans. Shut up and listen, please – Nick’s there because Connor needs his Dad to come home.

This room is so lovely – Dina feels as if she’s been there (the Abbott mansion) before. Hibiscus tea? You’ve poured me tea before – on this same china, she smiles at Jack. As Traci watches on, Jack has some things to ask Dina – if she’s up to it.

Back at the ranch, Chelsea rolls her eyes as Victor gifts Connor with a soccer ball that glows in the dark. Prodded to thank his Grandpa, Connor gives his Mom the cold shoulder then goes into the kitchen for a snack. Victor knows the boy’s been through a lot. How could he not be, after what you and Adam put him through? Chelsea scolds.

Meanwhile, in Vegas, Adam won’t let Nick take the high ground – you let Connor think his grandfather was dead. What’s done is done. Connor deserves better and surely Nick feels the same way. Nick won’t deny it – but Connor’s the only thing that matters. Chelsea thinks you’re the only one who can help (though insists their relationship is rock solid) You’re trying to score points in coming here – hoping I’ll refuse to come home, Adam’s confident he’s right about Nick’s motive.

Where the hell is this woman? She’s late, Jill’s about to call when Annie Nelson arrives on the CL’s patio to be introduced to Cane and Ester. All hope to clarify whether these will pages are legitimate.

Chelsea tells Victor how devastated Connor was – you didn’t trust me enough to tell me the truth. No, she doesn’t condone what Adam did to his Father – but her son shouldn’t pay the price for their feud. Victor’s sorry for the pain he caused and wishes Adam had stayed to heal the family. He won’t come back, he’s sure. Connor will never accept that, Chelsea fears. Victor will do whatever he can to help his grandson. Chelsea’s plan is to get Adam back to town – as soon as possible.

Nick doesn’t trust Adam and would be happy never to see him again – he wishes he could fill the void, but can’t. Nick certainly doesn’t relish having to beg Adam to come back to town – but this is about Connor. When you hear what’s gone on you’ll see I have no choice here.

After comparing the will, Ms Nelson determines that the pages bequeathing Kay’s estate to Devon were printed on a different bond of paper to the original will. The recently found pages that make Cane her heir, perfectly match the rest of the will. Further, Kay’s signature on Devon’s section of the will were forged. Kay left all that money to you, Jill gasps at Cane.

Jack turns pages of a photo album – old family friends you haven’t seen in a long time. That’s me in high school, Dina happily points out. From her laptop, Traci reads the letter Dina wrote to Stewart – concluding with the Shakespeare quote. Dina tears up – that was a wonderful but terrible night – just terrible, she leans into Jack for support.