Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

Rey’s surprised to find Sharon studying on the patio – he saw Mariah on his way in; she said you were done. Sharon explains that she didn’t want to keep her daughter from Tessa any longer. Rey then decides that he’ll be her study partner – let’s do this.

Back at TGP, Chelsea warns Simon that federal agents were here looking for him. He’s not concerned – pay me what you owe me and I’ll leave. Calvin sent me a photo a while back, he scrolls through his phone to show her a picture of Connor what she knows was taken just this morning. Oh, is it? After Simon leaves, Kevin and Chloe return to ask if their ruse worked. That thief’s messing with the wrong woman, Chelsea’s pissed.

Mariah enters a ‘decadent’ room at TGP to find a fluffy white robe folded on the bed – Tessa’s wearing the matching one. Celebrating with friends last night was nice but this place is ‘the height of romance’ ~kiss~

You two were totally convincing, Chelsea praises Kevin and Chloe – but she’s not sure their ruse worked. That creep just made a mistake by making this personal. Once again, a curious Phyllis passes by in the background.

Kyle looks pained as Theo continues to charm the Abbotts. His influencer business has its ups and downs but there’s worse ways to make a living. If the business goes under, he’ll land on his feet. Jack didn’t mean to offend. None taken. Needing to leave to conduct a conference call, Theo appreciates the warm welcome but he’s not in need of anything. Theo’s not an orphan who cries himself to sleep. His parents are gone but he had a great childhood – let’s just play this by ear. Thanks for a great party. As Jack and Traci show Theo out, Kyle appeals to Abby – please, tell me you didn’t fall for all that.

In her suite, Phyllis watches and listens to footage of Chelsea conversing with Kevin and Chloe – that creep just made a huge mistake. Who is that guy and why are you say mad at him? she wonders aloud.

Two down, two to go, Rey picks up another textbook. A grateful Sharon’s starting to believe she will pass this test. Once she does, she’ll have her masters in psychology – but it’s one thing to be book smart – another to be a good psychologist. You’re a natural, Rey cites Sharon’s great work with Connor and the police force. That comes from the heart, not a book.

Theo joins Lola at Society’s bar to update her on his speech – ‘the fam’ doesn’t owe him anything. No, he doesn’t see this as an opportunity. We’re talking about one of the wealthiest families in the state, Lola’s sceptical. When she excuses herself to take a call, Theo leaves Summer a message – hope things are going OK in Georgia. Not to be needy but I’m dealing with something major and could really use you back here.

This is an insult to Grandpa, Kyle whines – does no one care that Theo’s only ‘barely related’ to us because Grandma cheated on him? Abby’s not exactly a fan of Theo’s either but her Mom wouldn’t exist if Dina hadn’t cheated on John. Left alone, Kyle immediately calls Summer – come home and take control of your boyfriend asap.

Chelsea tells Kevin and Chloe to retire the suits – no more games – Simon’s not getting a dime. He’ll burn for threatening Connor.

Upstairs, Phyllis listens to more footage; Simon demanding the money Chelsea stole from him. OK, this could get good – it’s time to find out more about the handsome, mysterious Mr Black, she types.