Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Eric takes a seat across from his weepy son. It’s been too long since we talked, like your hair, he jokes. I miss you, Theo asks his Dad if he knew who he was. Eric will always consider the couple who raised him his parents just as your Mom and me were your parents. Theo really needs his Dad’s advice on what to do about his new family. Some people tell me to embrace it, others tell me to back off. Yours is the only opinion that matters, Eric replies.

Your printer froze, Cane laughs in relief as Amanda goes downstairs to print off the paperwork – help yourself to the fridge, she invites. Instead, Cane makes a call to Charlie – sit down for a second. There’s something I want you to hear from me personally.

Tucker was in some sort of commune or ashram – every time he tried to talk about the will, Devon was told to take deep breaths and enjoy the nature. He denied altering the will and seemed sincere. Tucker left the material world to find himself. If he’s trying to scam me, this is new. Devon went across the world for answers and came back with nothing.

Nate accosts Amanda as she’s striding through TGP lobby. I’m in the middle of something, she huffs – then gets distracted at the sight of a man on his phone. Detecting that she’s scared of the man she just noticed, Nate encourages Amanda to confide in him (as he has in her)

Eric’s confident the values Theo was raised with will see him through. You have a good heart; a good head on your shoulders. My son is a good man – show them that. Please, Dad – don’t go, Theo adds quickly that Dina never stopped thinking about him; hoping her son had a good life. That’s all Eric wants for his son (who’s now left alone with his stopwatch)

Where’s this special place? Adam asks. Hope’s farm – show Connor where you grew up, Chelsea makes her pitch – Kansas is beautiful this time of year. Show Connor where we got married; where we were happy. It doesn’t seem a ‘lifetime ago’ to Adam. You make a convincing case – come with us, he invites. Connor would want you close after his nightmare the other night. No, and no this isn’t about Nick, Chelsea insists. Adam won’t push – but he needs to know what she’s not telling him.

Chelsea’s indignant that Adam won’t take what she’s saying at face value – you don’t trust me. We both have a long way to go, Adam again asks what she’s up to. Chelsea continues to lie – this will be good for you and Connor. You’re right – Adam agrees. He and Connor will be on the farm by bedtime. Thanked and closing the door behind her, Chelsea looks relieved.

Back at TGP, Amanda denies she’s scared and has nothing to hide – she’s distracted by another case in GC but won’t commit to staying long term. She reassures Nate that his case (and the other one) will be over soon – and she won’t lose. I’ll call you to go over everything, she leaves Nate suspicious.

Elena’s sorry Devon didn’t have any luck. Neither thinks it makes sense that Chance would do this. Perhaps he’s not the boy scout everyone thinks he is.

Devon’s just respecting Kay’s wishes, Cane’s still on the phone with Charlie – he’ll take care of him, Mattie and Sam. A man suddenly bursts into the room and punches Cane in the mouth. Chance?! he’s astonished.