Friday, November 29th, 2019

Inviting Nick to join her table at Society, Vikki’s sorry to hear that Connor’s not doing well. She hopes Chelsea loves and respects Nick the way he does her. I warned you …. Chelsea’s not the problem, it’s Adam, Nick confides.

Nate’s surprised that Amanda’s seriously considering staying in GC. The only thing that’s holding her back is ‘this face’ – and people (Elena) thinking he should steer clear of this cold-hearted bitch. That’s the first honest words you’ve said, Devon appears to say.

In that seedy little bar on the outskirts of town everyone goes when they don’t want to be seen, Amanda orders Scotch on the rocks. Billy looks over from a nearby table and introduces himself. Yes, he knew Hilary. At another table, a patron suddenly takes note, slicks back his hair and straightens his posture.

Abby’s doing a social media ‘blast’ – a certain A-lister was spotted at TGP for the opening of The Hall of Gems at the Museum. Though travelling incognito we were blinded by the light off the massive rock on her finger after her recent engagement to her wealthy investment banker boyfriend. Annnd post. Chance is impressed by the immediate responses – that’s quite the skillset. Yes, Chance is ready – we have fake jewels in the safe in the fake celebrity’s suite. Also in the safe, a camera that will be triggered as soon as the safe’s opened. We’ve dangled the bait – now we wait for a bite.

Nick comes home to find Chelsea with her bag packed. He needs me. Connor or Adam? he asks. That’s not fair, Chelsea whines. Connor needs both his parents right now. Is this fair to me and Christian? I’m not leaving you, Chelsea insists. Nick understands but doesn’t have to like it. He loves Chelsea too much to let her walk out that door without knowing how he feels about this.

This is like watching paint dry, Abby paces behind the check in desk – as Chance fixates on a laptop. At her request, Chance describes a crazy case he got caught up in one New Year’s Eve. Wait, I saw that movie, Abby recognizes the plot. What? They made a movie out of it? Chance jokes. Truth is, surveillance isn’t fun. It’s boring; no shower, sleep or entertainment. Then you take the guy down and start all over again.

So much for getting away from the stress in our lives – want to go somewhere else? Elena asks Devon. Got a minute? Nate comes over to disagree about Amanda. After Devon excuses himself to take a call (that might be about Collin) Elena informs Nate that Collin escaped (and again warns him about ‘that woman’ who has Hilary’s face) I hope she’s worth it.