Friday, November 29th, 2019

When the seedy-bar guy’s flirtation is rejected by Amanda, Billy comes over – the lady said ‘no’. I got this, Amanda tells the guy to go outside and get some fresh air. And what if I don’t? Then we all stop being polite, Billy warns.

This isn’t about me and Adam – you have to know that, Chelsea asks Nick not to make this more difficult than it already is. Nick knows what Adam’s capable of – he’s done unspeakable things. Do what’s best for Connor – he needs you so go to him. Know that I’m here and will support you any way I can. Without a word, Chelsea gives him a weepy hug and leaves with her overnight bag. Nick sits to look sad and alone.

Back at TGP, Abby continues to engage Chance in conversation. When a guest comes down to announce that she’s been robbed, Abby looks at Chance – how is this possible? After she leads the guest away to somewhere quiet to hear the details, a puzzled Chance closes his laptop and walks off in the other direction.

When Devon looks at Amanda, he sees Hilary – Nate doesn’t – he considers her a victim too. So, SHE’S suffering? Elena’s indignant – enlighten me, what was the worst part for poor, pitiful Amanda? Getting paid by whoever duped Devon? Or Cane for setting up a trust fund for the twins? Or you for hiring her to save your license (which made you her greatest defender) That’s not fair – she’s a lovely woman, Nate defends Amanda. He won’t see her as the enemy because she looks like Hilary. Assuming that Nate’s encouraging Amanda to stay in town, Elena warns that he IS choosing a side. What if I’m the one who’s right? Nate grabs Elena’s arm – but immediately releases it so she can march out with Devon on her heels.

Well, that was interesting, Amanda offers to buy Billy a drink for having her back. Maybe next time – I should get going, Billy declines. Changing his mind, he ignores a call from Vikki and sits back down. Vikki leaves a long-winded message; hoping things went well with Jack. She knows Billy’s not where he wants to be but things will get better for you, for both of us. I love you. A depressed Billy takes another drink.

My Thoughts: How do I know it’s a seedy little bar? There’s peanuts shells all over the table… Of course Billy knew Hilary – she had a TV show which pimped Jabot products 24/7 and revolved around the escapades of the Newmans. You’d have to live under a rock not to know who Hilary Curtis was … What exactly does Abby mean by saying she’s doing a social media blast? I’m typing way more words than she is – so I’m the better blasterer? … If Abby’s so bored (watching paint dry) by Chance doing his job – without pay, perhaps she could go do one of those 50 jobs she was whining to Phyllis about yesterday (because Chelsea needs to hover over Connor 24/7) I thought Agent Chancellor was an expert in deep undercover work. Now he’s conducting surveillance at a hotel’s front desk? Why do a stakeout at all? Why not go the normal route and have the victims go to the police station and provide statements etc.? Abby shouldn’t be taking her guest to someplace quiet – she should be summoning Paul or Rey … Why wouldn’t Devon and Elena go to the club HE owns? The GCAC will be filing for bankruptcy with everyone now dividing their time between Abby’s establishments (hey – perhaps Devon’s the one behind these thefts in an attempt to take out the competition)