Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

Theo tells Jack that Tim the CEO really liked the reggae concert he took him to last night (the Circe deal is done) The staff loves working with you and Jack’s confident that he and Kyle can work together. Theo reassures that his break up with Summer won’t affect their work. After Traci brings out a platter full of the ‘gorgeous’ treats Theo brought, Jack hands him a copy of their memoir. The Abbott family history is now your history too.

Despite it being her birthday, Summer’s got a gift or her Mom. She decorated a Christmas tree in her suite at TGP. Why does she stay there? To bug Abby. Now, it’s time for Summer’s gift. Oh my God, she gasps at the beautiful earrings. I love them – thank you ~hug~

Theo entertains Jack and Traci with recollections of Christmas with his Dutch parents/grandparents – which is odd since he’s not really Dutch now. That’s the first ornament I ever made, Jack joins Theo at the Christmas tree. That ornament’s from Italy – a family vacation, Traci joins them. Your Father was raised with so much love and that’s all that matters.

Lola returns to the living room with a box that was delivered this morning. It’s from Jack and Celeste – ornaments from the Abbott house and Miami. The best gift they could have given us. There’s one more box – our first Christmas 2019 ~kiss~

Theo loved his gruff old bastard of a Father. He wasn’t rich but he was good and honest. Mom was my number one supporter. Jack’s sure they’d be proud. The lovefest continues as Jack asks Theo to drop by Christmas day. He’ll play it by ear but is touched by the offer.

Phyllis goes to check on dessert. That gives Summer a chance to retrieve her phone from her Mom’s clutch and read Birthday messages from Jack, Theo and Kyle (who wishes his partner in crime all the love and happiness she deserves) You caught me, Summer tells her Mom that she just heard from a friend.

The tree in its spot, Mr and Mrs Abbott put their first Christmas ornament on the tree and share a kiss.

Billy and Victor return to the house for some jokes about Victor getting carried away at Christmas. He has something to say and it can’t wait.

Victor brushes over the difficulties the family has faced and overcome this year. Abby (who’s not there) is a successful entrepreneur. Vikki’s continuing the Newman legacy. Nick, my boy – you have your son back and created New Hope to provide low-income housing. You, my sweetheart, he addresses Nikki – last year you were fighting for your life. You give me a reason to stay healthy and look forward to the future. He then puts on Nikki’s favourite Christmas song – and they dance to Silent Night and kiss as Nick, Billy and Vikki pretend they aren’t creeped out.

Meanwhile, the Abbott siblings are enjoying the oil balls. Here’s to family traditions; old and new.

A tipsy Phyllis and Summer are laughing over champagne and cake flown in from Paris (not baked by Lola) You’re the best early Christmas gift I ever got, Phyllis hugs her daughter.

This is going to be the best Christmas ever, Mr and Mrs Abbott are naked beneath a blanket as they admire their tree.