YR Spoiler; Thursday, January 9th, 2020

Thanking Amanda for meeting him at the bar, Billy’s sorry he didn’t tell Sharon they’re friends. Apology accepted, Amanda hears that Vikki’s out of town. What’s Billy trying to escape? Himself – he’s his own worst enemy. Everyone expects him to screw up. Trying to live up to Vikki’s expectations is killing him. You seem like a good guy – being happy isn’t too much to ask, Amanda’s thanked for her opinion.

Sharon and Nick go through a photo album. Hard to believe Cassie’s been gone for 15 years. It feels like yesterday. Sharon’s happy to have spent the day with Faith and Mariah but Cassie should have been there too. Nick gets it. Wiping tears, Sharon doesn’t want to be sad today but can’t help but envy Nick for having a new project to distract him.

Now by herself at Society, Phyllis is on the phone calling in a favour from someone who owes her one.

Sharon gets a call to confirm her biopsy tomorrow – thank you ~click~ Did I miss the party? Rey arrives. He’s worried – you’ve seemed distracted lately. If there’s something going on, he wants to know about it.

Over drinks and peanuts, Billy wants to get to know Amanda better. She was in foster care; a troublemaker always getting into fights. She went into law after a friend got mugged. Then she met who she thought was her soul mate. He became controlling and obsessive. We both got restraining orders. She doesn’t trust her judgment – or anyone else.

Mariah gives Tessa her tiara. You’re always in my heart. And you in mine. Tessa’s getting more emotional when her phone goes off – the car’s here. I’m not ready to go – I can’t leave – not yet.

Yes, Abby does need to resolve something at TGP before it becomes a million-dollar problem. Raincheck? After she leaves, Phyllis appears at the bar – my friend bailed too. Can I join you?

Phyllis would like to buy Chance a drink. He sees through her but admits she keeps things interesting. Why not? I’ve got time to kill.

Billy’s not sure what to say – part of him wants to hunt down this guy but can’t help but be impressed by what a force of nature Amanda’s past created in her. Because he’s spoken for, they don’t have to worry about this going beyond friendship. Toasting ‘to friendship’, Billy wonders to himself why it feels like he’s crossing the line.

Sharon tells Rey that she’s been thinking of Cassie and is increasingly reminded that time is so precious. I love my life – I love you and the time we spend together. Rey doesn’t know what he’d do without her. I’m not going anywhere, Sharon takes Rey’s hand and leads him upstairs.

I can’t do this, Tessa weeps – I’m not ready. This is not goodbye, Mariah reassures. You’re leaving a hole in my heart but you’re not allowed to come back until you’re a megastar. This is your fault for encouraging me, believing in me, Tessa’s make up runs. I love you ~kiss~ Go, Mariah repeats – fame awaits right outside that door. Now alone, she sobs, clearly heartbroken.

Just yesterday I departed on a flight from Toronto; where 176 passengers were to land. But didn’t. My heart hurts right now. Peace and love to all.