Thursday, January 16th, 2020

Cancer? You have to do another test, Mariah’s in shock – it can’t be possible. It’s going to be OK, Sharon gently reassures. Mariah wants to know everything so she can help her Mom. Sharon vows to fight with all the strength she has. You’ll kick cancer’s butt, Mariah’s sure ~hug~ We’ll come out of this tougher and stronger than ever before (Nick now joins in on the group hug)

Billy wonders if he’s been inappropriate; given Amanda the wrong idea – why else would she imply that something more than friendship is going on? Amanda brings up the friend who helped Billy see that he needs to tell the truth. Yet, instead of talking to Vikki, you’re talking to me. Billy’s not proud of shutting Vikki out. He envies his friend being able to find her true self – do I seem broken to you? Amanda thinks he needs to go home and talk to Vikki. If she can’t accept you at your core, you deserve to know that.

Asking for some private time with her girls, Sharon tells them that she found the lump in her breast while doing a self exam – then takes Mariah and Faith upstairs to show them how. She’s one helluva woman, Rey and Nick are left to agree.

Victor’s happy that Adam came for dinner. He then hears that Adam plans to create a legacy for Connor – by getting Dark Horse back on it’s feet (even though it was Nick’s company) He started it to compere with NE, Victor informs. Really? Adam seems surprised. Yes, really.

Faith no longer wants to return to boarding school – my place is here, with you, Mom. Mariah, Nick and Rey agree – we’re a team – Faith stays. OK, but life goes on as normal, Sharon agrees.

Billy comes home to say ‘we should talk’ before Vikki gets a chance to. The other night, he wasn’t honest about the receipt. No, he’s not seeing someone. I love you – you know that. I’m just going through some things in my head. Vikki offers her usual spiel – we’ll talk it out and fix it. That right there is why Billy doesn’t want to talk to Vikki about it.

Back at the penthouse and over wine, Adam runs his idea by Chelsea – what do you think of me reviving Dark Horse? When she offers full support, Adam doesn’t think he can love Chelsea any more than he does right now.

Sharon knows there’ll be tears and frustration during her journey but has confidence in her support team. Rey has Nick help him move the table aside then instructs everyone to stand, hold hands and form a ring around Sharon. Team Sharon. She bursts into tears as Faith and Mariah hug her.

You don’t need to care so much, Billy’s tired of people (namely Vikki) trying to fix him. You’ve struggled – we can’t just ignore that, Vikki persists – it’s more than the gambling; what you did to Adam – what happened in the boathouse. Billy just wants to be who he is – and not feel ashamed because he’s not who Vikki wants him to be. Billy lied about having a drink with a colleague – he went for a drink with Amanda, she’s a friend. Vikki’s pissed – you shut me out to confide in a stranger!? She probably says all the right things. Sorry I’ve been such a burden, she’s pissed.

Now at home, Mariah leaves Tessa a message – wish you were here. I really need to hear your voice right now. Everything’s fine, under control. I’ll talk to you later. Love you. Mariah cries alone.

Meanwhile, Faith’s at her Dad – how could this happen to her? To us? I love Mom so much. Give me a few minutes, I’ll snap out of it, Faith wipes her tears and decides to go back to her Mom’s so she’s not alone. She’s not alone, she’s with Rey – Nick’s sure Sharon will call if she needs them.

Rey thinks things went pretty well with Mariah and Faith. Sharon lied when saying she’s not afraid – I’m terrified. And don’t tell me ‘I’ve got this’. Rey thinks she’d be crazy not to be scared. We’ll get through this.

Billy stops Vikki from leaving to continue their talk. You didn’t love me enough to be honest with me but have a new friend to confide in, she snarls. At least you don’t love her, right?! THIS isn’t love, she continues to rant – I don’t know what this is~

Billy’s left to sit alone.