Monday, January 20th, 2020

Vikki’s hurt that Billy confided in Amanda over here. Intimacy is a lot more than having sex. This is an ominous sign of a disconnect. You sneak around because you love drama. Maybe we can go to a couples counselor – or a gambling anonymous meeting. Billy needs Vikki to believe him him – give me a chance to prove that everything’s OK.

Faith’s sorry she went away to school – and for all the stupid things she said. Sharon knows this is hard – don’t have regrets. She’ll fight this. Who knows what the road ahead will look like – but we WILL fight it together.

Asked how he’s related to Devon, Nate explains that his Mom was Dru’s sister – Neil and Nate’s stepdad, Malcolm were brothers. Wow – what about you and Elena? Amanda got the impression they’d once dated.

Nothing will go wrong between now and tomorrow morning, Sharon reassures Faith – who hugs her parents and hits the road with Mariah.

Both waiting for take out at Society, Elena wonders why Rey’s asking her so many questions about cancer.

Vikki can’t take that leap of faith again. Yes, she IS afraid Billy’s reverting to his dark side. I’m the same spontaneous, playful man you fell in love with. Vikki lists his bad qualities; gambling, drinking – I was kidnapped! You broke my heart so many times. The man Vikki fell in love with was her rock during the JT fiasco. She fears Billy’s sliding backwards. He doesn’t want to repeat past mistakes. He just wants Vikki to give him as much consideration she gives Victor.

Nick and Sharon have an emotional conversation about Faith. Opening a gift left behind, the engraved necklace reduces Sharon to a puddle of tears as she clings to Nick.

Rey can’t say who was recently diagnosed with cancer – and Elena can’t say why some survive, some don’t Optimism is a factor. A person with cancer is more than their diagnosis. So much more, Rey’s left to murmur to himself.

Back at the ranch, Victor ends a call confirming that Mariah and Faith are at the airport. Nikki’s glad Nick has so much to focus on. With a sigh, she was so hoping the new year would start out well for both their children. What’s wrong with Vikki? Victor catches Nikki’s slip up.

Leave my Father out of this, Vikki’s order is ignored. I’ve been going around in circles – this isn’t a discussion, it’s a excersize in frustration. I’m done with it, she marches out.

Nick tells Sharon that Faith insisted he take her shopping (for the necklace) It’s perfect, Sharon sniffles. Knowing Nick has work to do, she’ll be just fine.

Elena and I are friends and colleagues. We both care about Devon. Nate would never pursue someone in a relationship. Anyone with morals should know not to cross that line.

Victor’s not surprised to hear that Billy and Vikki are having problems – what’s going on with him? Nikki won’t go into details. Victor doesn’t need any – Billy’s trouble. He does nothing but hurt Vikki.

Billy accepts his flaws – can Vikki? You need to get help or we won’t make it, she leaves.