Thursday, January 30th, 2020

Whatever you think you know, you don’t, Nick tells Phyllis – Sharon’s fine – there’s nothing to know. Don’t lie to me. The three of you were like mourners at a funeral. You want to help? Keep you mouth shut and get out of here – you don’t know anything. Phyllis pauses at the bar to give Sharon a sad look before leaving. You told her, Sharon approaches Nick – horrified.

Paul doesn’t mean to pry and agrees to spread Rey’s shift load around (thinking he’s going through something personal)

Chance knows Abby’s attracted to him so why is she encouraging him to date Phyllis (who he had a good time with) Be honest – what’s going on? You’ve been hurt before and don’t trust that this might work. Abby likes Chance – but if he’s interested in Phyllis… Chance makes it clear that Abby’s the only woman he wants. Their kiss is interrupted when Chance has to excuse himself to take a call. She’s asking questions huh? I need to know who every move she makes – keep in touch. Inside, Abby needles Phyllis – Chance made his choice – you’re looking at her. Phyllis couldn’t care less. This isn’t like you – Abby wonders what tricks she has up her sleeve.

Lyndsay goes to make Mariah her new drink – it’s called Freedom. Sending Tessa another message, Mariah gets a reply immediately. It’s Tanner – Tessa’s doing soundcheck. I’ll pass along your message. Lyndsay returns to ask what’s wrong?

What are you up to? Abby can’t believe Phyllis is throwing in the towel. You won – the game’s over, take your toys and go, Phyllis snaps. No, she’s not the one who text Chance. I’m not interested in your boy scout. It’s over. You won. There are more important things and people in the world than you – and me, she cries.

Denying he said anything, Nick suggests Phyllis picked up on something Sharon said – maybe she didn’t believe the tattoo story. Both calm down when Faith joins them to worry about her Mom being all worked up.

Everything’s fine, Mariah insists. Lyndsay insists on fixing things. If you support Tessa’s tour why are you scowling at your phone? The text was from Tanner. Tanner Watts? Lyndsay’s impressed. Having been a roadie for a bit, Lyndsay prattles on about the one night stands and hook ups. You have nothing to worry about. Mariah’s not worried she just misses Tessa so much. She’s out there living her life, live yours, Lyndsay advises.

An emotional Phyllis really wants to do the right thing. You don’t have to tell me now, it’ll come out eventually, a confident Abby walks away.

A furious Sharon continues to blame Nick for blabbing to Phyllis. She won’t tell anyone, he’s sure. Make sure she doesn’t, Sharon orders then huffs inside.