Monday, February 24th, 2020

In Chance’s suite, Abby’s on the phone getting an update on Vikki’s condition (no change) Telling Nick she’ll drop by GCM later, Abby’s reassured by the security measures Chance took. And there’s a guard outside Amanda’s door. All this and Phyllis, Chance hates that she’s exploiting dirt on him and Adam against Abby. No worries – she has a plan to neutralize Phyllis – by giving her a win. You’re going to give her TGP? Abby didn’t say that.

Phyllis is on the phone on the CL’s patio. You were hurt emotionally and have an obligation to call them out. They need to take responsibility for their negligence. No, it’s not being greedy. How else will we bring about change in the world? Phyllis understands – I wish there were more good people in the world like you. No, thank YOU, she hangs up smiling.

Mariah’s chatting with Society’s friendly bartender, Lyndsay (who’s sure she can get another executive position, experience or not) Taking the stool beside Mariah, Theo orders his usual and offers to put in a good work with his boss. Mariah rejects the idea of working for Summer and when she tells Theo to ‘piss off’, Lyndsay smirks discreetly as she prepares drinks.

Rey and Amanda talk over coffee at CL’s. You’re a victim too; not responsible for your stalkers actions. Amanda has no idea where Ripley is and hasn’t heard from him (thank God) She can’t help but feel responsible; Vikki should be home with her kids. On cue, Billy arrives.

Theo didn’t mean anything – you’re bright and will land on your feet. Mariah didn’t ask for advice but gets it anyway; use Tessa’s connections, relocate to New York. Having lost so many years with her Mom, Mariah won’t leave GC. Theo blathers on about Tanner’s brilliant social media PR. Just look at this ‘catnip’ photo of him and Tessa. It has everyone guessing (whether they’re in a relationship) Their next move should be a fake feud between Tanner and Tessa’s actual girlfriends. It’s genius, right? he continues to push buttons.

Hang in there, Rey leaves Amanda and repeats his request to Billy (call the cops if you see Ripley – don’t be a hero) The kids are doing OK – when you see Sharon, tell her the place looks great, Billy adds (then joins Amanda when Rey leaves) He also won’t let Amanda blame herself – you didn’t lead Ripley to us. Billy wished he’d listened to Amanda and stayed away. Amanda’s irritated – you might like playing with fire but I don’t. I’m keeping my distance, she packs up – no more! When Elena and Devon arrive, Amanda won’t let him talk. I can’t right now, she hurries out.

So, what do you think of my plan? Abby asks – she won’t let Chance blame himself; Phyllis has always been obsessed with taking me down. Abby’s OK with giving Phyllis the hotel. Maybe the bragging rights will be enough to make her go away. It’ll work, she’s sure. As Chance takes a call, she goes to meet Phyllis.

Back at CL’s, Devon and Elena now realize how wrong they were about Amanda. Her ex is dangerous; Vikki’s wound isn’t superficial, Elena knows he meant for her (Amanda) to die. As long as he’s out there, she’s in jeopardy, Devon worries.

Summoned to the Chancellor estate, Billy’s asked for an explanation. I let Vikki down so freed us both, he sums it up by saying ‘I’m not like John Abbott’. I’m your son; Billy Foster Abbott – this is as good as it gets; sorry. Jill pulls him in for a hug.

Still at Society, Mariah’s pleasantly surprised at being able to reach Tessa for a video chat. She assumes things are going well between her and Tanner. Well, it’s not like Tessa can say anything bad about him – since he’s right here. Mariah gapes when a bare chested Tanner plops down beside Tessa to say ‘Hi’.

Meeting Abby in TGP lounge, Phyllis is surprised by her friendliness and stunned by the figure she’s handed. Abby’s offer is three times what the shares are worth.

At CL’s, Chance updates Devon that Collin was spotted in Luxembourg but took off again. Yes, his former colleagues are also on the lookout for Ripley Turner. Good, Devon doesn’t think anyone safe until he’s apprehended.