Friday, February 21st, 2020

Adam’s not sure he wants to reconcile with all the Newmans (namely Nick) but there are ways he can help the family. You’re going to offer to run Newman, Chelsea correctly guesses but isn’t sure ‘coming back into the fold’ is the right move. It’s not going to go the way you’re hoping, she fears.

Now at Society, Chelsea thinks Adam volunteering to help so soon might seen opportunistic. He agrees but doubts Victor will take over himself. His focus is Vikki and catching whoever hurt her. They then kiss, smile and hold hands across the table as they briefly discuss getting married.

Noah’s back at GCM to explain that he’s returning to London; it’s not easy for him to leave his Aunt like this. Victor and Nikki agree that Noah should go home. Abby will walk him out (then go check on things at the hotel) With hugs and I love you’s for his Dad and grandparents, Noah’s leaving with Abby when Phyllis arrives with coffee. What are you doing here? she asks then stomps off without waiting for an answer.

Phyllis brought caffeine. That’s not necessary, Victor scowls. No, but it is appreciated, right Dad? Nick chides. Nikki agrees – we need to put our differences aside.

At the ranch, Billy tells Johnny and Katie ‘Mommy loves you very much and she’s going to be OK – but she got hurt and is in the hospital’. No, you can’t see her – she’s sleeping (and dreaming about you two) Hopefully we can all go see her soon ~hug~

Chelsea correctly guesses that Abby’s back at the hotel for a distraction. I know how hard this is and how much you love your sister. Abby does (and lists all the reasons why Vikki’s her role model)

Noah gives Mariah a farewell hug then one for his Mom.

Nick thanks Phyllis for the coffee. Reed’s on his way home – Billy’s with the kids (but neither want to talk about him) Phyllis will leave if Nick wants her to. No – he wants her to stay. I think you can help me with something.

Nikki agrees to take a walk with Nick and Phyllis. Victor will stay and wait for word on Vikki.

At Society’s bar, Mariah calls Tessa and wonders why Tanner’s answering her phone. He knows Tessa wouldn’t want her call to go to voicemail. She’s in the shower and might not have time to call you back right away – we have soundcheck. Of course I’ll let her know you called.

Seated in the hotel lounge, Abby appreciates Chelsea listening to her. Of course we can be friends even though we aren’t partners anymore. Chelsea then gives Abby a heads up that Billy’s very emotional. If Billy cheating with Amanda brought her ex to town, Abby’s not sure she can ever forgive Billy.

Sharon joins Billy as he oversees the kids colouring at the ranch. She sits to list all the people who love Johnny and Katie. Wanna go to the stables to feed the horses? As the kids go fetch their coats, Sharon has a few things to say to Billy.

Victor’s pleased when Adam shows up at the hospital. I had to come, he claims.

Her boxes packed, Chelsea’s sorry to be leaving Abby stuck with Phyllis. To be honest, the hotel was never her dream. Make sure it’s your dream too before going to war with Phyllis, because she’ll fight you to the death.

Billy’s furious at himself and the world. Sharon’s not there to lecture or blame Billy – she’s there to pass on some insights. We can’t change the past or predict the future but we can control what we do right now. Cutting her off, Billy knows she means well but needs to go check on the kids. Instead he pauses in the hallway to look distressed.

Everyone can use a break, Adam offers to sit and wait if his Dad wants to go take a break/walk. What Victor would like is a distraction. You want to talk about the stock market? Basketball highlights? Choosing basketball highlights, Victor’s soon watching video on Adam’s phone.