Friday, March 13th, 2020

Mariah thought it would have been selfish to burden Tessa – she didn’t keep Sharon’s secret to hurt her. I just wanted you to enjoy your tour. Did you tell Lyndsay? Tessa tears up again – I trusted you with my heart. I’m not perfect, Mariah pleads for a second chance.

No, Rey hasn’t brought Faith to Society for lunch – she’s to do the dishes (among other chores) Lola comes out – I hear you want to find out what goes on here. Sending Faith into the kitchen for an apron, Lola learns why Rey brought her.

Mariah made a stupid mistake. This was over the second you betrayed me – Tessa’s done with Mariah, this town and this conversation. Leave. Mariah doesn’t know how to say goodbye – this was supposed to be forever. It hurts so much. You’re the love of my life. I’m so sorry. Maybe one day you can forgive me. I love you, Mariah then leaves Tessa to cry.

Cliff Wilson was a great man – not like Melissa’s Dad (who died in a freak accident shortly after being released from prison. Hope sent over a peach pie. You must be Connor, Melissa introduces herself. You look just like your Dad when we were best friends. My Dad’s the best, Connor grins.

Rey’s home to update Sharon that Faith’s spending some time with Lola. Sharon’s surprised – Faith usually spends teacher planning day in her pajamas. What are you hiding? When Rey admits that Faith’s having some trouble in school, Sharon’s annoyed that he and Nick kept this from her. I’m perfectly capable of parenting my child.

Adam and Chelsea are sorry to hear that Melissa’s Mother passed away. As a journalist, it drives Melissa nuts that she doesn’t know much about her Father. With hugs all around, Melissa leaves Chelsea to wonder why her Mother didn’t talk about her Father.

Lola returns to the kitchen to ask Faith about school. She feels like she’s taken a step back and misses boarding school. You don’t feel like you fit in, Lola understands – stay true to yourself and tell your Mom how you feel. Hold on to the people you love.

Rey’s offer to pick Faith up is declined. Sharon hopes to cool off before Lola brings her home. As for now, she’d like to go upstairs. You sure? Rey asks. I’ll be gentle, Sharon promises ~kiss~

Adam tells Chelsea that Melissa’s Dad went to prison for tax evasion because they couldn’t prove he was a loan shark. No was really sorry AJ was gone. Victor was in town back then, claiming he was an old friend of Hope’s. Hearing that Victor was in town claiming to be an old friend of Hope’s when Melissa’s Dad died, Chelsea finds it odd. Come to think of it, so does Adam.