Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Back on the jet, Tanner’s happy to see that Tessa and Mariah are back together. Thanks for letting me humiliate myself onstage, Mariah’s humble. After Tanner agrees she can join the tour, Mariah needs one more person’s blessing.

Sharon suggests a game of chess – or is no one allowed to touch it? Is it wired to an alarm? she knocks over a piece; Victor’s the King, Nikki his Queen. Sharon is a queen with her own army. She’s grateful for all the love and support; including Nick and Rey. Are things really over between you and Billy? she asks.

Let’s take this down a notch, Lily suggests. Nick catches her up to speed – he’s only back at NE because Billy caused Vikki to get stabbed by a lunatic. You cast blame just like your father, Billy scowls. Nick will never let him hurt Vikki again – or Katie or Johnny. Keep my kids name out of your mouth! Billy steps forward.

On the jet, Mariah’s worried about deserting her Mom. Tessa thinks she should make the decision with Sharon instead of shutting her out.

Vikki can’t hate Billy – she wishes she could lean on him. But, no, it’s not an option. Sharon then excuses herself to take a call from Mariah. She’s happy to hear they’re back together (stunned to hear Mariah’s considering going on tour with Tessa)

Adam knows how to unearth Victor’s skeletons without being detected – he has eyes and ears everywhere. If Alyssa can protect him by keeping his name out of it, Adam can get her article published without sources in a publication he has a stake in. Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Alyssa’s concerns are easily managed by the manipulative Adam.

After Lily explains that she’s Billy’s partner in Chancellor’s media division, Nick and Billy continue to bicker. He’ll take you down with him, Nick warns Lily as he marches out.

It’s impractical for me to go on tour – I’m coming home tonight, Mariah decides she’s being selfish (while Sharon’s selfless) As Vikki listens, Sharon gives her blessing. I love you – have a great time. Bye. An emotional Sharon and Vikki continue to solidify their friendship.

Billy has to ask – is Nick right? Am I poison to those I love most? You’ve made mistakes that have hurt people, Lily concedes – but her work with inmates taught her that people can change. That’s why she chose to be Billy’s partner.

What a wonderful surprise, Victor greets Connor and sends him off to the stables to visit his grandmother and cousins. He’s been pestering me all day, Adam reports. Victor knows there’s another reason for the visit.

Mariah didn’t bring any clothes. No worries – nobody wears clothes on the jet, Tessa jokes. Mariah will go shopping for some groupie clothes. Tanner returns (bare-chested as usual) Can I sit next to the pilot? Mariah’s excited.

At CL’s, Nick realizes he’s ranting to Sharon about Billy so stops himself to ask how she is (and is surprised to hear that she had a nice conversation with Victor) Sharon’s not so sure Vikki’s getting better so much as she’s pretending she is for everyone else’s sake.

Vikki eavesdrops as Victor assures Adam that she’ll soon be ready to resume the reins at NE. Adam’s OK with Victor not trusting him. We’re defined by our actions not our words. I plan to show you and everyone else my true colours.