Monday, April 6th, 2020

Back at the ranch, Nikki’s astounded to hear that Adam’s threatening to frame Victor for murder. Vikki has no sympathy for her Father – he should have put Adam in prison; instead, he always turns the other cheek. My loyalty means nothing. Please stay – talk you him, Nikki implores – then hints that Adam might not be lying.

As guests flee TGP, Abby tells Phyllis that if she stops making payment, ownership reverts to her – then she can knock it down and build a fitness center for HER hotel guests. Phyllis is then left to the chaos.

Jill hopes Chance found time to have fun with Abby. If it’s more than that, even better. She’s sworn off romance and loves her life just the way it is. Chance is glad – you deserve to be happy.

Theo feeds Dina, then chats with Lola about frozen burgers. Kyle enters to watch and frown.

Of course Nikki believes Victor over Adam but the accusations could cause problems – the FBI might get involved. Vikki points out that the Newmans have dealt with scandal before. Dad wants to be the one to tell Nick. Adam wants to divide us and Dad’s playing into his hands. As a compromise, Vikki agrees to stay in the tackhouse – she won’t let anyone hurt her anymore, which includes her Father.

Kyle declines dessert – he doesn’t want his grandmother to feel overwhelmed by too many visitors. We can text you when we leave, Theo tries to get rid of him. Kyle takes Theo aside – don’t be a jerk about this. Using a sick, elderly woman to score points with Lola is disgusting. You’re accusing me of using people? After the way you treated Summer and Lola? Theo gives him a light shove. As Lola goes over to referee, an agitate Dina protests – Stewart, no! What the hell are you doing? Jack appears to ask.

Vikki gone, Nikki doesn’t blame her for being upset. Drink in hand, Victor doesn’t understand Adam or why he’s so damaged. He did his homework; hired a reporter who’s the daughter of the murdered man; blaming me. No, it’s not true. Victor denies he’s pushing Nikki aside (but won’t give her any answers either)

Abby has a Scotch and soda ready for Chance at Society. He feels Jill has mixed feelings about Collin going back to prison. Abby’s taken up with bad boys, then a man too good – now she’s found a compromise in Chance ~kiss~

Over the din of construction work, Phyllis is on the phone appealing for help.

The shows Lola to the door – he can’t leave now and look like a coward. I’ll be fine, he assures. After settling Dina down, Jack scolds Kyle and Theo. Both are sorry. Damn right it won’t happen again – enough. We’ll bring this to an end once and for all tomorrow at Jabot.

As Vikki packs up her office, Victor tells Nikki that things may get ugly with Adam – he doesn’t want the rest of the family involved. Nikki doesn’t understand Victor’s plan – how can we trust you to protect us when you don’t trust me with the truth – what aren’t you telling me? she leaves in a huff.

Evil Adam looks down at the city from his penthouse window.