Friday, April 10th, 2020

After dinner, Nate and Amanda move to Society’s bar for a drink. Ask me anything, she invites – then tells Nate about being raised in the foster system. Nate shares his history – his Mom raised him after his Dad was hit by a car. She’s with Doctors Without Borders. His role models were his Uncles Malcolm and Neil. Amanda’s next question – what would people be surprised to learn about you?

Practicing his putting, Billy asks if Lily’s looked into Hashtag yet. He wants to scoop up the news organization before someone else does. Billy’s also interested in an entertainment platform. Lily thinks that too expensive. Putting a stop to his putting, she wants to get something straight ‘partner’.

Dressed in their fluffy white robes, Nick and Phyllis dance and reminisce about their Pepe roadhouse elopement years ago. Flopping onto the bed, Nick feels free and easy with Phyllis. Their kiss is interrupted briefly when Nick’s phone pings (but he’s in no hurry to go meet his Dad)

Seated in TGP lounge, Alyssa now realizes that her childhood friend manipulated her. I can’t believe I fell for it. Adam’s a master, Vikki’s not surprised. Yes, Alyssa’s sure Chelsea knows everything – she’s stalling on publishing the story. Vikki doesn’t want to give them more time – we need to make a move.

When it comes to the stability of the company, Victor doesn’t think Adam’s taken everything into consideration. What haven’t I considered? Adam asks.

Lily knows Billy’s at the office because he’s bored and has no one to go home to. Go work in your own office – your putting stinks. Billy’s all about having a vision – Lily’s about practicality and details.

Amanda’s impressed to hear that Nate was a competitive swimmer. They then move on to other topics; favorite music, vacation spot, food. What’s the most reckless thing you’ve ever done? Dating Ripley, Amanda couldn’t see the danger beneath his charm. It makes her afraid to jump into anything. Nate’s OK with taking things slow. They then leave to go do something fun.

Victor loved Hope – how would she feel about you? Adam won’t feel guilty for holding Victor accountable for his actions (and is annoyed that he’s not more gracious in defeat) Enjoy your time in that chair, Victor just realized that Adam doesn’t know him at all. Adam’s left to look dissatisfied behind the desk.

Snuggling in bed, Nick feels comfortable and connected – but. But you’re afraid I’ll do something to screw it up? Phyllis guesses. Nick traces her trust issues to her Dad (who stole people’s life savings) He’s impressed with the way Phyllis has been with Sharon.

Amanda now in her coat, she and Nate debate what to do next; TGP for a game of pool? Bowling? But first, a gentle kiss that both declare ‘nice’.

The banter continuing, Billy and Lily like where this is going (as she takes his putter)

Promise me you’ll sit tight, Vikki stops Alyssa from going to confront Adam. I’ll fill you in later – let me handle it, she leaves.

Still seated behind the desk, Adam scowls at Victor’s portrait.

Nick makes it clear that he wants a serious relationship with Phyllis – he’s 100% all-in ~kiss~